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Masked Man (SSBUDUX)
Universe Earthbound/Mother
Smash Appearances
Mother 3
Official Debut Mother 3
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage New Porky City (Normal), New Porky City (Omicron)
Tier SS
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Darkness X

Masked Man

Masked Man is the final boss of Mother 3.

How to unlock

Get him in Story mode.


Masked Claus is a balanced character, with speed and strong attacks, high speed, good recovery, very good range, high jump.


  • High Speed
  • Strong Attacks
  • Good Recovery
  • High Jump
  • Good Range


  • Almost none


Normal Attacks

  • 5 Combo - Jab: Slashes 5 times with his sword.
  • Duper Wings - Forward Tilt: Hits with his wings.
  • Explosive Uppercut - Up Tilt: Does an uppercut with his cannon arm.
  • Strategic Kick - Down Tilt: Similar to Ness', does a kick that can be reapeted a lot of times.
  • Stab - Dash Attack: Does a stab, while sliding.

Aerial Attacks

  • Sword Trottle - Neutral Aerial: Spins in the air using his sword, similar to Kirby's Twinkle Star.
  • Thunder Shock - Forward Aerial: Shoots a thunder.
  • Backpunch - Back Aerial: Does a punch bacwards.
  • Wing Kick - Up Aerial: Does a somersault and kicks upwards, using his wings for go up. It is useful for recovery, because it can be done with no limits.
  • Last Beam - Down Aerial: Shoots a beam downwards.

Smash Attacks

  • Beam Slash - Side Smash: Does a slash, and then shoots a short-range beam. More the attack got charged, more the beam will go farther.
  • High Wings - Up Smash: He hits with both wings.
  • Thunder Laser - Down Smash: An arm cannon at each side of him releases a thunder laser. If charged up, the thunder laser will go farther, shocking all the ground.

Grabs and Throws


Special Moves


Neutrals 1

  • Effect Slash - Neutral 1: Does a slash with a random effect: Fire, Shock, Trap, Ice.... Can be charged up.
  • Back Slash - Neutral 1 Version 2: Go back to the opponent and critical-hits. It is similar to Shulk's.
  • Charge Slash - Neutral 1 Version 3: No effect, and it needs to be charged up, but very powerful.

Neutrals 2

  • PK Flash - Neutral 2: Does a PK Flash.
  • PK Beam - Neutral 2 Version 2: Does a PK Beam.
  • PK Ground - Neutral 2 Version 3: Does a PK Ground.

Neutrals 3

  • PK Void - Neutral 3: A black ball appeares on his head. It can be controlled by holding the attack button. When you release near an opponent, it will blocked into a little sort of black hole. During the black hole, the knockback will disabled, so you can hit the opponent. When it ends, it will make a lot of knockback.
  • PK Fire - Neutral 3 Version 2: Does a PK Fire.
  • PK Thunder - Neutral 3 Version 3: Does a PK Thunder.


Sides 1

  • Laser Shot - Side 1: Shoots a laser from his cannon arm.
  • Laser Ball - Side 1 Version 2: Shoots a laser ball, similar to Samus'. It can be also charged up.
  • Laser Vacuum - Side 1 Version 3: Does a laser that pulls opponents in front of him.

Sides 2

  • Missile Shot - Side 2: Shoots a missile from his cannon arm.
  • Double Missile - Side 2 Version 2: Shoots two missilies from the arm cannons on each side.
  • Pigmask Army's Missile - Side 2 Version 3: Shoots a special missile.

Sides 3

  • Thunder Dash - Side 3: Runs, and around him appear thunders.
  • Fire Dash - Side 3 Version 2: Runs, leaving behind him fire.
  • Final Dash - Side 3 Version 3: The best dash.


Ups 1

  • Mechanical Wings - Up 1: Flies away with his damaging wings. The flying time is very high.
  • Angelic Wings - Up 1 Version 2: Unlimited flying time but no damageduring the activation. Also if he takes damage he will immediately fall.
  • Dark Wings - Up 1 Version 3: No unlimited flying time and slow recovery, but very powerful.

Ups 2

  • Jet Boost - Up 2: Uses his cannon arms for get a recovery boost. It works like a jetpack.
  • Laser Boost - Up 2 Version 2: Lower boost but higher damage.
  • Power Boost - Up 2 Version 3: Lower damage but higher boost.

Ups 3

  • Teleport - Up 3: He teleports. Teleport direction can be chosen.
  • Diagonal Teleport - Up 3 Version 2: He teleports just diagonally.
  • Explosion Teleport - Up 3 Version 3: Lower distance but high damage.


Downs 1

  • Thunder - Down 1: Shoots a thunder from his cannon arm.
  • Multiple Thunders - Down 1 Version 2: Shoots multple thunders, but weak.
  • Thunder+ - Down 1 Version 3: Shoots a stronger thunder.

Downs 2

  • Thunder Zone - Down 2: Activates a electric camp near him.
  • Vacuum Zone - Down 2 Version 2: The electric camp pulls opponents near him.
  • Shock Zone - Down 2 Version 3: The electric camp shocks the opponents, making them unable to move for a while.

Downs 3

  • PK Shield - Down 3: Activates a shield that reflects material (like Missiles) and energetic (like PSI) projectiles
  • PK Magnet - Down 3 Version 2: Activates a shield that absorbs energetic projectiles and heals him.
  • Pk Destroy Shield - Down 3 Version 3: Activates a shield that destroys material projectiles.

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