Masked Man.

The Masked Man is a mysterious masked man who debuts during the final scene of the fifth chapter of Mother 3. He is the only other person besides Lucas capable of removing the seven Needles. He attacks with lightning, a sword, a beam gun and some PSI powers; he also has the ability to destroy PSI Shields and use mechanical wings to fly away. He works for Pokey Minch, the Pig King, as what he refers to as his "cute little monster," and never says a word in the story. Surprisingly, he is the final boss, rather than Pokey Minch, King P himself. Because of this, Pokey has been the penultimate boss in both games he has appeared in.

The Masked Man is in reality, Claus, who was apparently discovered near Drago Plateau by the Pigmask Army. He was brought back to consciousness and turned into some sort of a semi-cyborg, likely using the same process they used to create the Chimeras. During this time, King P used him as a loyal servant and gave to him near full command of the Pigmask Army.

The Masked Man has three battle musics. The first music is a variation of "Strong One", entitled "Strong One (Masked Man)". The latter musics are heard during each portion of the final battle against the Masked Man, and are titled "Battle Against the Masked Man" and "It is Finished", respectively. "It is Finished" is an eerie, sad rendition of "MOTHER 3 Love Theme". During the moments with Hinawa speaking, the song is called "Memory of Mother".