Mascot War is a Fighting game for the Nintendo GameCube being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). In the game, a variety of mascots duke it out SSB-style. Then later got adopted by the company of Fingerface Co.



Gameplay & Controls

The game is played like the SSB series, except instead of Nintendo characters, you use Diferent mascots. Each mascot has different speed, strength, and jump to help them in combat. Some mascots have unique traits.

  • Control Stick - Move/Jump
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Special Move
  • X/Y Button - Jump
  • R/L Button - Shield/Dodge
  • C Stick - Smash Attack
  • D-Pad - Taunt



Mascots that are available at the start of the game.

Team Name Moveset
Burger King Sneak King
  • Standard - Leafs Spirit (Carlton gains more strength)
  • Side - Trample (Carlton goes down on all fours and rams his opponents.)
  • Up - Maple Whirl (Carlton gets 2 maple leafs in his hands, spins around, and rockets upward. He can glide afterward.)
  • Down - Leaf Swipe - Carlton swipes at the enemy's feet with a giant maple leaf.)
McDonald's Ronald McDonald
  • Standard - Shout (A shockwave emits from Youppi!.)
  • Side - Babble (Youppi! muffles an odd language, confusing the opponent.)
  • Up - Rocket Jump (Youppi! rockets upward on a ball of fire.)
  • Down - Connection (Youppi! grasps the ground and is unable to move, which also means he can't get sent flying.)
Nintendo Super Mario
  • Standard - Grasp (Blades wraps his arms around the opponent, causing damage.)
  • Side - Bellyflop (Blades gives a small hop, then slams onto the ground, causing a shockwave.)
  • Up - Fist Vault (Blades slams his fist onto the ground and rockets upward. This can be used in midair, but doesn't go as high.)
  • Down - Breakdance (Blades spins around while sitting down, causing damage to anyone who comes too close.)
Progressive Insurance Flo
  • Standard - Homing Tentacle (Al stretches out a tentacle and automatically homes in on an opponent.
  • Side - Tentacle Spin (Al spins around, waving his tentacles to cause damage.)
  • Up - Ink Rocket (Al shoots ink from his underside, launching upward.)
Disney Mickey Mouse TBA

Unlockable Characters

Characters that you pass challenges to unlock.


Tougher Unlockable Characters

Hence the name, characters that are harder to unlock than the others.


Downloadable Characters

Characters that you must download via Internet.






Unique Traits


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