Mascot Madness Melee is a fighting game for the Wii U that is being developed by Sactown Studios. The game is similar to other fighting games such as the Super Smash Bros. Series, and the Tekken franchise. As the name implies, it features mascots of various companies fighting each other. The game will be released in either 2015 or 2016.




There will be a total of __ playable characters. __ will be available from the start while the other __ fighters must be unlocked by completing various tasks in the game.

Image Name Description Series
Ronald pics 143 Ronald McDonald TBA McDonald's
Bk crowncardTheKing en 01 The Burger King TBA Burger King
Jack portrait web Jack Box TBA Jack in the Box
Colonal Sanders TBA KFC
Wendy's Girl
Wendy Thomas TBA Wendy's
WhtBackdrop Flo Props 103CROP webready Flo TBA Progrssive Insurance
Kool-Aid-Man-Pic-kool-aid-372375 1398 1260 Kool-Aid Man TBA Kool-Aid
Speedymascot Speedy TBA Alka-Seltzer
Delicious-One The Delicious One TBA Weiner-Schnitzel
UncleBenRice Uncle Ben TBA Uncle Ben's Rice
Torch Lady TBA Columbia Pictures
Chefboyardeepic Chef Boyardee  TBA Chef Boyardee
Chester Cheetah TBA Cheetos
Willy Wonka TBA Willy Wonka
Poppin Fresh (Pillsbury Doughboy) Pilsbury Dough Boy TBA Pilsbury
Tony the Tiger Kellogs Frosted Flakes
Buzz the Bee

Hidden Fighters

There will be __ unlockable fighters.

Image Name Description Company
Erin-esurance Erin Esurence Esurance
Trix Rabbit Trix
Betty Crocker Betty Crocker
Peggy Discover Card
Mr. Clean logo Mr. Clean Mr. Clean
Strudel Pilsbury
Bazooka Joe Bazooka Joe
Mavis avatar Mavis Beacon Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Twinkie the Kid Hostess Twinkies
Mr. Peanut Planters
Cheesasuraus Rex Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Pepsiman1 Pepsi-Man SSB Pepsi logo
Mr. Oppritunity Honda


Voice Cast

Brad Lennon as Ronald McDonald

Allen Swift as The King (archived recordings)

Richard Sittig as Jack Box

Morgan Smith-Goodwin as Wendy Thomas

Stephanie Courtney as Flo

Debbi Dewberry as Speedy

Jeff Burgman as The Pilsbury Dough Boy 


  • This is the first appearence of the characters Erin Esurance, Erik Esurance, The King, Geico Caveman, and Mr. Opportunity since their retirement from their said products and/or comapnies.
  • The King is the only character to have voice clips reused from a decesed voice actor. All other mascots have entirely new voice-clips.
  • This is the first Sactown Studios game to have been developed in the company's new studio in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • This is also the first Sactown Studios game to feature product placement throughout the game.