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Mary Hone
Full Name Mary Hone
Date of Birth May 4th, 1924
Gender Female
Location New York City, New York
Current Status Alive (Turning Point)
Class Agent of Revolution
First Appearance Fantendo - Turning Point

Mary Hone is a scientist/chemist and agent of Revolution. A Gardevoir pacifist, Mary Hone joined Revolution to get a job in the industry and put her skills to use.

She's a primary character in Fantendo - Turning Point. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Turning Point

Physical Appearance

Mary Hone is a Gardevoir with orange hair rather than green. She always wears a blue polka-dotted dress and blue polka-dotted hat.


Mary has no special powers, but is instead a very skilled scientist and chemist, better than most, and always hopping on the bandwagon for new theories. She can easily identify materials and chemicals, and brew up chemicals in quick time.

Besides combat, Mary is very smart in other subjects, as well as crafty and strategic.


Mary is arrogant and smug, being sure of herself and often laughing off people who criticize her work and preferring to take her own opinion and not anyone elses.

Despite her negative qualities, she is a very kind woman who always keeps going, trying to find the bright spots in dim places and make solutions out of problems. In addition, she is a strong opponent.

Mary is neutral towards the police and government, as well as society, being against their treatment of minorities and their use of violence, but understanding that violence is sometimes necessary.