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Mary (Ant)
Full Name Mary
Current Age 13 234 937
Gender Female
Species Ant
Location Sunny City
Current Status Active
Class Grade 7
Main Weapon(s) Light Sword
Ability/ies Martial Arts
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Rangers
Girl International Revaluation Lync
Voice Actor(s)
Rachel Crow
Mary is a character who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. She is a young Blue Ant Warrior who is a member of the GIRL Team.


Mary carries a Purple Light Sword with certian combos. She can also do a Stomp Attack with shockwaves spreading around her.


Mary is in her 13 Millions as a Blue Ant. She wears the same outift as Cynder, except the coat and trousers are violet, and her belt, gloves and boots are grey.


Mary is kind to her friends and team mates. She loves to eat Berries, especially the Blue Berries. Her greatest talents are playing music and transolating Pasiku writing, and she has a fear of heights.


  • She speaks in an African-American Accent
  • She is the one of the 5 Ants to be playable in the Adventure Games instead of racing games, the other 4 being Roshan, Gir Grunt, Stinky and Professor X2
  • Her weapon is similiar to the Light Sabre from the Star War Series

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