Marvendo Films is a company that releases films. It is a collaboration of Marvel and Nintendo. It takes Nintendo games and makes them into movies. It was founded when Shigeru Miyamoto and Stan Lee crossed paths on a train.


Mario: The Movie: Is the first film to be released. It centers around Mario and Luigi rescuing Princess Peach.

Super Smash Bros: The Brawl of the Ages: Is the second film to be released. Two psychotic hands recruit Nintendo characters and forcefully enters them into a tournament. Luigi, who is expected to die immediately, makes friends with another nervous fighter, Link. Along the way, he makes friends with Solid Snake, Samus Aran and Sonic, who help him break out of his shell. Luigi must face tough, experienced, strong, fast and smart opponents. Luigi must win... or die trying.

The Legend Of Zelda Movie: The third to be released. It follows Link, a clumsy apothecary apprentice, in his adventure to save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf.

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