Marvel vs Capcom 4: Unified by Destiny
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Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Genres Fighting
Release Date ---
Platform Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo 3DS

Marvel vs Capcom 4: Unified by Destiny or simply known as Marvel vs Capcom 4 as well as abbreviated as MvC4 is an upcoming crossover fighting game being developed by Capcom and Eighting and published by Capcom. It is the seventh installment of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise after the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which consists of characters from both Capcom and Marvel intellectual properties duking it out. The game is confirmed to have additional DLC in the form of packages. Characters will gradually be released when will automatically be downloaded to players systems granted they purchased the pack previously.


Marvel vs Capcom 4 follows a similar formula of previous Marvel vs Capcom games which players choosing a team of three characters to fight against the opposing team. Players can switch out between there team which recharges the players and slightly heals them gradually. In addition, players can call out the teammate to perform one of five Assist Aattacks. In terms of game controls, the game reflects the more simplified format proposed by Marvel vs Capcom 3. However, unlike MvC3, players are now unable to knock opponents into the air and perform aerial combos. However, players can still switch characters in between combos. X-Factors and Hyper Combos are confirmed to return and are charged via a gauge on the bottom of the screen. X-Factor can increase the speed, defense, and power of the players but can only be engaged once. Each character has three Hyper Combos with the third being the most extensive and damaging. If the player has all the gauges full on both characters, they can perform a Team Hyper Combo which unleashes the Hyper Combos of the entire team which is dependent on the Hyper Combo rank of the on-screen character. New changes to gameplay includes a new technique called an X-Cancel which can cancel out an attack and allows the players to follow up with an attack that doesn't have attached lag to the start up frames. Another new mechanic is called the Hyper Assist which, upon entering a critical health state, can summon team members more quickly with a less cooldown period. Finally, the last change is a new technique called Golden Age. When a player initiates an Golden Age, it transforms the entire stage into a comic book design. Both characters are seen on the screen which is divided in half and resembles that off a comic book. The 1st player is on the left and the 2nd player is on the right. Mashing buttons causes the players to perform combos which pushes the page back and forth. Inputting more combos and getting support from the teammates further pushes the page forward. The player who manages to push the page forward deals high amounts of damage to the entirety of the team. This technique can be removed through the Option menu.


Development began as early as 2013 but was halted for more higher priority projects. Capcom was able to obtain the licensing to Marvel though the conditions for renewing it as largely been undisclosed. Capcom has confirmed that while the launch version will contain less characters than expected, newer characters will be uploaded onto console shops and downloaded automatically upon updating the game for free. Capcom further confirmed that future characters will appear post launch as Downloadable Packages. Purchasing the package will automatically download characters upon updating after purchasing the package. While the method as been questioned by critics and fans alike, Capcom assures this is to prolong the life of the game and to streamline the development of content and simply downloading content. Since release, Marvel vs Capcom 4 has seen a total of four released characters War Machine, Daredevil, Lilith, and Leon. Two more characters, Green Goblin and Frank West will be released in late October with more promised in November.


As of launch, there are a total of 26 characters, thirteen characters on both sides. Capcom has stated that that wishes to include both mainstays of the Marvel vs Capcom series such as Ryu, Morrigan, Wolverine, and Ironman but also include newer characters that have yet to be within the MvC universe. Capcom has stated they extensively researched the Marvel database and also dug into their own; looking for rather obscure and forgotten heroes and villains. Additionally, Capcom has also stated that they intend to include characters that were in Marvel vs Capcom 2 rather than include characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3. However, they further stated that despite this, the roster will have a balance of mainstays, newcomers, MvC2 icons, and MvC3 icons. When new characters are released post-launch, they will be automatically downloaded onto the owners console upon update.


Wolverinemvc4 Spidermanmvc4 Ironmanmvc4 Captainamericamvc4 Thormvc4 Hulkmvc4 Deadpoolmvc4 Hawkeyemvc4 Juggernautmvc4 Scarletwitchmvc4 Captainmarvelmvc4 Kangmvc4 Starlordmvc4 Lukecagemvc4 Warmachinemvc4Daredevilmvc Greengoblinmvc4Doctordoommvc4 Thepunishermvc4 Colossusmvc4 Saberoothmvc4Wintersoldiermvc4Visionmvc4Novamvc4 Helamvc4 Doctorstrangemvc4 Daimonmvc4 Ironfistmvc4 Jeangreymvc4 Rocketraccoonmvc4Humantorchmvc4 Sentinelmvc4 Stormvc4 Magnetomvc4 Spidergwenmvc4 Hankpymmvc4

Wolverine mvc4


Wolverine was born James Maxwell Howlett who, after witnessing his families murder and suicide, awakened his mutation which consisted bone claws. He was eventually captured and fitted with adamantium to strengthen his claws. Having escaped, he found his way into the X-Men.
Wolverine is a physical assault fighter who specializes in getting into opponents zones and dealing as much damage as possible. He is agile, quick, and brutal without much technicality.
Special Moves
Berserker Barrage
Tornado Claw
Berserker Slash
Drill Claw
Berserker Rage

Hyper Combo

Berserker Barrage X
Fatal Claw
Berserker Charge
Weapon X
Wolverine palette
Spiderman mvc4


Peter Parker was your average unassuming high school boy whose life was forever changed after bit by a radioactive spider. After losing his Uncle Ben due in part to his callousness, he dedicated himself to fighting crime within New York City. His adventures have led him to joining with other super heroes.
Spider-man is a nimble and agile fighting that is capable at both long and close combat and utilizes his webs for attacks. He can easily cross the stage and bring the fight close into the opponents zone.
Special Moves
Web Ball
Spider Sting
Spider Bite
Web Swing
Web Throw

Hyper Combo

Maximum Spider
Crawler Assault
Ultimate Web Throw
Spiderman palette
Ironman mvc4

Iron Man

Rob Stark suffered an attack that left him near death which resulted in him constructing an iron suit to escape his captors and prevent himself from dying from shrapnel inching its way into his heart. Fitted with the latest technology, Iron Man uses it to defend Earth and to prevent destructive weapons falling into the wrong hands.
Iron Man is a projectile specialist that focuses on using high tech weapony to overpower his foes. He can keep his enemies out of his zone by pressuring them with projectiles and ballistics.
Special Moves
Focus Shot
Smart Bomb
Repulsar Blast
Repulsar Spread

Hyper Combo

Proton Cannon
Rocket Kick
Iron Avenger
Ironman palette
Captainamerica mvc4

Captain America

Captain America aka Steve Rogers was originally an ordinary man who wished to enlist in the army. While he was deemed unfit, he still enlisted but was put into into Operation: Rebirth which transformed him into a super soldier. He now uses his strength to battle the enemies of not only America but the the world.
Captain America is a strong defensive rushdown character with great mobility and priority. He can use his shield not only for defense but offense and zoning when used as a projectile.
Special Moves
Shield Slash
Charging Star
Stars & Stripes
Circle Shield

Hyper Combo

Hyper Charging Star
Hyper Stars & Stripes
Final Justice
Captainamerica palette
Thor mvc4


Thor Odinson is a demi-god granted the power of Lightning among other amazing powers. Possessing massive amounts of strength and vitality, he is nearly unstoppable. Along with the power of hammer, Mjolnir, he protects both the Earth Realm and the Heavenly Realm, Asgard.
Thor hits hard and even harder than that. His attacks have an electrical nature of them and can easily flatten anyone who doesn't respect them. He also has good speed and air mobility making him hard to counter.
Special Moves
Mighty Spark
Mighty Smash
Mighty Strike
Mighty Hurricane
Mighty Speech

Hyper Combo

Mighty Tornado
Mighty Thunder
Mighty Punish
Thor palette
Hulk mvc4


Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist who was exposed to radiation after a test nuclear blast. This accident caused the mild-mannered genius to transform into the powerful Hulk when angered. This transformation brought him strength, power, speed, and endurance far beyond any normal person.
Hulk utilizes his massive strength and girth to completely overwhelm his opponents. He can shrug away some attacks with his resistant animations and can gaurd against many attacks.
Special Moves
Gamma Charge
Anti-Air Gamma Charge
Gamma Wave
Gamma Tornado

Hyper Combo

Gamma Tsunami
Gamma Quake
Gamma Crush
Hulk palette
Hawkeye mvc4


Trop Barton became Hawkeye after catching the eye of his idol, Captain America albeit after getting himself into trouble. He came to be a member of the avengers though he would also go on to join the Thunderbolts and the Defenders. However, he has always been an Avenger at heart and that has never changed.
Hawkeye is a projectile specialist who uses his arrows for both offense and defense. He also is able to spread the damage throughout a wide area with his archery mastery. His arrows carry special status effects.
Special Moves
Quickshot: Greyhound
Quickshot: Hunter
Quick Shot: Spritzer
Trick Shot
Trick Shot: Violent Fizz
Trick Shot: Icebreaker
Trick Shot: Rusty Nail
Ragtime Shot
Ragtime Shot: Jack Rose
Ragtime Shot: Kamikaze
Ragtime Shot: Balalaika

Hyper Combo

Kiss of Fire
Tag-Team Specia
Hawkeye palette
Deadpool mvc4


Wade Wilson after it was discovered he had an advancing cancer. He decided to undergo controversial experimentation by means of Weapon X. While this advanced the cancer, it also gave him super healing and super powers. However, deemed a failure, he managed to break out, he became the mercneary known as Deadpool.
Deadpool is a speedy character that uses his swords and guns to wreck havoc against his opponents. He has excellent battle options and combo abilities which allows him to chain attacks together.
Special Moves
Trigger Happy
Ninja Gift
Quick Work

Hyper Combo

Cuttin' Time
4th Wall Crisis
Deadpool palette
Juggernaut mvc4


Juggernaut, born Cain Marko, is the step-brother of Dr. Charles Xavier. In a freak military accident while on an assignment, Marko was left for dead with Charles having fled the incident. However, Marko survived the ordeal and was bestowed with unique powers in which he became the Juggernaut and dedicated his power in destroying his step-brother.
Juggernaut has immense power and strength with high defensive capabilities. He is the slowest character in the game however but he can shrug off attacks even from the likes of Tronn Bonne and the Hulk.
Special Moves
Juggernaut Punch
Juggernaut Power Splash
Cyttorak Power Up
Juggernaut Slam

Hyper Combo

Earth Mover
I'm the Juggernaut!
Juggernaut palette
Scarletwitch mvc4

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff was born with incredible magical powers far beyond that of any human or mutant. She has been involved in her father's Brotherhood of Mutants and as well as the Avengers. Her actions have led her to be one of the most powerful (and feared) mutants alive.
Scarlet Witch focuse on using her powers to buff herself or debuff her opponents and giving her an edge in battle. She excels in projectiles and ranged fighting.
Special Moves
Hex Bolt
Witch Wrath
Arcane Vortex
Probability Glyph

Hyper Combo

Chaos Judgement
No More Mutants
Scarletwitch palette
Captainmarvel mvc4

Captain Marvel

Carol Deveners was a gifted employee within N.A.S.A. with a fairly bright future. Coming from a military family, she was proud to be serving the country. However, this would come to a close when she was adavertantly given Kree powers, an alien race with tremendous power. She soon took on the mantle of Ms. Marvel after redirecting her life and, in time, became Captain Marvel after the previous holder stepped down.
Captain Marvel is a mix between close combat and projectiles which gives her one of the greatest versatility within the Marvel heroes. She boasts impressive strength and speed with the ability to either keeop opponents on thier toes with projectiles or close in the gap and deal damage physically.
Special Moves
Photon Blast
Energy Well
Photonic Crash
Crashing Star
Photon Field

Hyper Combo

Binary Lightning
Photonic Cyclone
Binary Marvel
Captainmarvel palette
Kang mvc4


Kang is one of the many alternate identities of Nathaniel Richards. He was born in Earth 6311 and grown up in a ratherpeaceful society. However, within this peaceful society, he soon craved power and set out into the time-space continumnum looking for alternate realities and the worlds within to discover and dominate.
Kang utilizes his tech to battle his enemies. This tech greatly allows Kng flexibility and versatility though limits his movement capabilities. Many of his tech has alternate properties that can effect the opponent.
Special Moves
Concussive Bolt
Light of Centuries Sphere
Weapon Summon
Weapon Summon: Laser Beam
Weapon Summon: Proximity Charge
Weapon Summon: Rocket Launcher
Weapon Summon: Statis Field
Weapon Summon: Shock Coil
Weapon Summon: Kang Drone
Time-Stream Slip

Hyper Combo

Time-Stream Assault
Council of Kangs
Mind & Body Trasfer
Kang palette
Starlord mvc4


Peter Quill was abducted by alien slave traders as a child which would set him on a path as he began his life as an intergalactic explorer. Within time, he would be known as Starlord and would form th Guardians of the Galaxy. He would also discover his father, whom he never knew, was in fact a cosmic entity and would later his life forever.
Starlord utilizes both physical and technological combat to defeat his opponents. While he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for it with the tech he employs during battle.
Special Moves
Kree Gunner
Gravity Mine
Rocket Boost
Element Gun

Hyper Combo

Guns 'n' Roses
Elemental Blitz
Starlord palette
Lukecage mvc4

Luke Cage

Luke Cage was once Carl Lucas and a gang member of "The Rivals". After being wrongly imprisoned and several failed escape attempts, Lucas was subjected to numerous experiments which left him with super powers. After a error within the prisons security, he managed to escape and rebranded himself as a Hero for Hire while utilizing his super powers.
Luke Cage is a classic brawler with power punches, kicks, and graplling moves that sets him apart from powerhouses like Thor and Hulk. He also possesses superarmor in many of his attacks commands and specials.
Special Moves
Dynamic Punch
Wind-Up Punch
Cage Bouncer
Harlem Crusher

Hyper Combo

Harlem Hurricane
Unbreakable Cage
His Own Man
Lukecage palette

Warmachine mvc4

War Machine

James Rhodes was a pilot before meeting and aiding an escaping Tony Stark when he was initially captured. After Tony Stark was deemed unfit to be Iron Man, Rhodes took his place until Stark could take up the mantle again. Afterwards, he officially donned the War Machine name. He has since helped both Iron Man and The Avengers battle evil.
War Machine is similar to Iron Man in many aspects but boasts higher fire and attack power along with heavier attack resistance. He is a bit slower though and is stunned easier.
Special Moves
Shoulder Beam
Shoulder Cannon
Low Shoulder Cannon
EMP Blast
Gatlin Gun

Hyper Combo

Proton Cannon
War Destroyer
War Drones
Warmachine palette
Daredevil mvc4


Matt Murdock suffered from blindness at an early age due to a radioactive spill accident. However, fro, the tragedy greatness rose with his sense far exceeding that of a normal humans. He could hear, smell, feel, and taste far grearter than any other human. Using these powers, he battled criminal gangs and villains in Hell's Kitchen in New York City.
Daredevil is a quick character with fast hitting attacks and great evasive capabilities. However, he best shines at keeping opponents at bay with his abilities and then bringing them into his zone and dealing up close damage. Most of his normal commands moves are physical punching and kicking attacks while his specials utilize his billy club.
Special Moves
Chain Return
Club Throw
Staff Jab
From Above

Hyper Combo

Close Combat
Lights Out
Daredevil palette
Greengoblin mvc4

Green Goblin

Norman Osborn is a wealthy businessman who developed an everlasting grudge again Spider-man. Using enhanced chemicals, he managed to transform himself into the Green Goblin - at the expense of his sanity. While he has assumed many super-power identities, this is one of the most iconic.
Green Goblin uses a variety of weapons and gadgets to defeat his opponents including his jack 'o' lantern bombs and his goblin glider. He is a mobile fighter whp is best used to attack from a distance and moving about the stage. He can mount or dismount his glider.
Special Moves
Glider Mount
Glider Dismount
Pumpkin Bomb (Glider)
Pumpkin Bomb (Dismounted)
Bat Blades (Glider)
Bat Blades (Dismounted)
Glider Charge (Glider)
Glider Charge (Dismounted)
Bag 'o' Tricks
Bag 'o' Tricks: Sleeping Gas
Bag 'o' Tricks: Sonic-Boom Toad
Bag 'o' Tricks: Ghost Bomb
Bag 'o' Tricks: Death Coil
Bag 'o' Tricks
Bag 'o' Tricks: Murder of Crows.

Hyper Combo

Goblin Assault
Atomic Pumpkin
Goblin Chaos
Greengoblin palette
Doctordoom mvc4

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom was a gypsy child who lost both parents. His mother was killed by a demon named Mephisto which led him to pursue other dimensions as an adult in order to discover the reason to his mothers murder. While at Empire University, he built a machine to open dimensions along with Reed Richards. However, this experiment would ultimately fail with the machine having exploded and scarred his face. Expelled from the university, he returned to his home of Latvia and began the processing of taking it over to achieve his designs.
Doctor Doom is a defensive oriented character who uses his abilities such as projectile to keep opponents at bay and to lay traps for them. However, he is rather slow and cumbersome.
Special Moves
Plasma Beam
Photon Shot
Molecular Shield
Hidden Missiles

Hyper Combo

Photon Array
Sphere Flame
Doom's Time
Doctordoom palette
Punisher mvc4


Frank Castle lost everything - his home and his family due to a violent mob war. This great tragedy sparked a tense vandetta against organized crime gangs and organizations which resulted in scores of death criminal bodies. While his methods have been controversial, it can never be said he didn't produce results. His unique bran dof justice has led him to partner up with both heroes and villains alike as well as fighting against them.
Punisher utilizes a variety of weapons and moxed martial arts to put the hurt on opponents. He is best used at long range due to his reliance on firearms but has tools for up close battles. He boasts impressive physical resistance and has less staggering animations than others.
Special Moves
Machine Gun
Machine Gun: Piercer Bullets
Machine Gun: Incendiary Bullets
Machine Gun: Shock Bullets
Template:Rocket Launcher
Gerber MK2: Initial Assault
Gerber MK2: First Chain
Gerber MK2: Second Chain
Gerber MK2: Third Chain
Gerber MK2: Fourth Chain

Hyper Combo

Punishment Time
Battle Van
1000 Yard Stare
Punisher palette
Colossus mvc4


Piot Rasputin was a youth who joined Xavier's X-men. Posessing the ability to transform his body in hard steel, he became a great asset to his teammates. Becoming apart of the second wave of X-Men, who took part in many great battles - even against his own comrades. Despite this, he always remained loyal and always returned back to his hero-loving self.
Colossus is a brutal fighter who utilizes very strong physical attacks. He can unleash powerful grappling and punching attacks that tears down guards and crushes defenses.
Special Moves
Giant Swing
Full Metal Fist
Power Tackle
Earth Shatter
Template:Steel Defense

Hyper Combo

Power Dive
Super Armor
Colossus palette
Sabertooth mvc4


Victor Creed is a viscious assassin and cold-blooded killer who takes delight in causing carnage. His first killer was his brother who he killed after his mutation first manifested. His father would pull out his large canine teeth and lock him in the cellar for years at a time. It wasn't until Victor chewed off his own hand to gain freedom. After killing his father, he escaped into the wilds. Throughout the years he has been apart of many teams; killed some of them. He has also been the eternal rival of the X-men, Wolverine.
Sabretooth is a savage fight who uses his speed, power, and strength to push back his opponents and cause as much damage as possible. His attacks all carry hitstun that can greatly damage the opponent and set them up for further attacks. Sabretooth also has a mechanic called the Kill Factor which increases his damage output and speed every time he successfully kills an opponent.
Special Moves
Berserker Claw
Wild Fang
Savage Bite
Shatter Fang

Hyper Combo

Berserker Claw X
Weapon X Dash
Savage Instincts
Sabretooth palette
Wintersoldier mvc4

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes was the costumed partner of Captain America who fought against the Nazis during World War II. However, on one fateful mission to defuse a missile Captain America was thrown into the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic and Bucky seemingly perished after the bomb exploded. However, Bucky did indeed survive and was found frozen by the Russian military. He was unfrozen and found to be missing his left arm and suffered from amnesia. He was later reprogrammed to become an intelligence agent, spy, and expert assassin for Russia. Within time, he would discover his origins and would even come into contact with his superior, Captain America.
Winter Soldier uses a variety of attacks including melee, technological , and firearms to incapacitate his foes. While he tends to stick in the middle with basic and easy to pick up game play, he has many tools to use when facing against different enemies.
Special Moves
Bionic Rush
Easy Dispatch
EMP Blast
Bionic Shield
Covert Escape

Hyper Combo

EMP Slam
Trained Assassin
Enhanced Arsenal
Vision mvc4


The Vision is a synthetic android created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers. However, Vision later decided to form an alliance with the Avengers and, after stopping his creator, joined the Avengers team. He became an important part of the team and even forged a romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch. However, this relationship dissolved and, through various attacks by Ultron and other supervillains, Vision found himself not in full control of his body and powers leading his membership within the Avengers strained. He has been rebuilt several times after such episodes.
Vision uses his extraordinary powers by zone controlling and utilizing long distance attacks. While he lacks speed, he can use his abilities to cancel out opponents attacks and launch into devastating counters.
Special Moves
">Solar Beam
Phase Assault
Death from Below
Phase Counter
Solar Charge
Solar Ricochet
Solar Discharge

Hyper Combo

Triple Beam
Reality Phase
Solar Destruction
Vision palette

Nova mvc4


Richard Rider was teenager when chosen by the last surviving Nova Corp's Centurion, Rhomann Dey to inherit his power and succeed him as Nova Prime. This was quite the gamble but Dey was on the verge of death and had to find a suitable recipient. Richard Rider experienced a dramatic increase in his speed, vitality, power, and the ability to survive the vacuum of space. While he originally used his powers for good in New York, he soon took to the cosmos and fought for the betterment of the galaxy.
Nova is a great rushdown character who uses many attacks that utilizing his speed and power. In addition, he has the ability to increase his damage by sacrificing red damage which marks a return form Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He has fast aerial speed and is great at air combos.
Special Moves
Gravimetric Pulse
Centurion Rush
Nova Strike
Energy Javelin
Nova Bomb

Hyper Combo

Gravimetric Blaster
Super Nova
Human Rocket
Nova palette
Hela mvc4


Hela is the daughter of Loke and the giantess Angrboða. Dwelling in Jotunheim, she took on the mantle of Death given to her by Odin to keep the balance between the forces of life and death. However, she has come into comflict with both Odin and his son, Thor and desires both of their souls; something that has driven her to near obsession. Normally, she appears as a youthful woman but that is only due to the powers of her cloak which hides the portion of her body that is dead and lifeless. While she is rather merciless and desires souls of the living, she has shown to acknowledge bravery even when faced against her rival, Thor. That was the case when she has Tho's soul in her grasp but Sif offered to sacrifice her own soul to save Thors.
Hela has power over death and can use her Asgardian powers to wreck havoc on the battlefield. She has the unique ability of gaining more power after KOing and opponent. This often comes in the form of increased damage and defense. In addition, some her abilities grant her even more buffs upon KO'ing opponents but only after she uses a particular attack.
Special Moves
Death Bolt
Soul Steal
Phantom Hands
Nightsword: Projection
Aging Blast

Hyper Combo

Touch of Death
Torment of Souls
Hand of Glory
Hela palette
Doctorstrange mvc4

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange was once an accomplished surgeon whose career met an end after a car crash which rendered his hands unable to perform surgical tasks. He desperation, he turned to mystical healing. Seeking the teaching of an entity known as the Ancient One, he soon discovered that a world lies beyond the one he thought and began training in the mystical arts. Within time, he succeed the Ancient One has Sorcerer Supreme and saved the world from many threats such as Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath.
While Doctor Strange is a rather slow character; he boasts many abilities that aid him in battle and better his mobility. He is a great zoning character and can literally control the playing field in a match with his specials.
Special Moves
Daggers of Denak
Eye of Agamotto
Grace of Hoggorth
Flames of Faltine
Mystic Sword
Bolts of Balthakk

Hyper Combo

Spell of Vishanti
Seven Rings of Raggadorr
Astral Magic
Doctorstrange palette
Daimon mvc4

Daimon Hellstrom

Daimon Hellstrom is the offspring of "Satan" and a mortal woman. While his parentage has been a constant drive in his search for identity, he doesn't fully find out who his actual father is until he encounter with the demon, Satannish. Daimon had assumed his father was the demon, Marduk and that his powers stemmed from this union. He also as a sister named Satana who has embraced her devilish side where he has embraced his humanity.
Daimon utilizes strong and powerful demonic magic to combat his enemies. He has great range thanks in part to his trident which he can use both offensively and defensively as well as a projectile. He has a lot of tools that allow him to persevere in combat. However, he lacks appropriate health and defense allowing him to crumble under heavy assaults.
Special Moves
Trident Launch
Trident Flame
Trident Teleport
Darksoul Blast
Mystical Vacation
Unholy Arrival

Hyper Combo

Demonic Tempest
Depths of Hell
My Own Personal Hell
Daimon palette
Ironfist mvc4

Iron Fist

Daniel Rand was born to a wealthy businessman who wasn't actually from Earth but an dimensional realm known as K'un Lun. His father escaped the dimension after being driven out during a struggle for the throne and managed to come to Earth. There, he married and fathered Daniel. Seeking to return to K'un Lun, he attempted to enter into the dimensional portal found in the Himalayas which is open every 10 years. Through a series of tragic events, Daniel lost both of his parents but managed to find the realm of K'un Lun. Daniel trained in the vigorous tutelage and mastered many challenges under the K'un Lun tutelage. At age 19, he took the title of Iron Fist by defeating a fire-breathing dragon serpent and plunged his hands into its divine fire. However, instead of staying in K'un Lun, he returned to Earth to fight evil and to exact revenge for his parents tragic deaths.
Iron Fist has a great ground game with great rushing techniques and combo locking abilities. He possesses one of the best dashing speeds within the game. Also, most of his specials leads into great combo chains. He can also buff himself to allow him a greater edge in combat by increasing his attack defense, or Hyper Combo meter.
Special Moves
Lotus Whip
Dragon's Touch
Surging Fist
Dragon Tail
Crescent Heel
Twin Snakes
Wall of K'un-Lun
Rising Fang

Hyper Combo

Template:Iron Rage
Volcanic Roar
Dragon's Prey
Jeangrey mvc4

Jean Grey

Jean Grey was 10 years old when she experienced the death of her best friend who was killed by an automobile accident. This experienced unlocked her latent telepathic powers which connected Jean to her friend thus living through her friend's death. This event caused her to be closed off and in a deeply depressed state. Her parents sent her to Professor Charles Xavier who saw her massive potential and used his own telepathic powers to close of portions of her brain so she can slowly unlock her powers naturally. Jean Grey would come to join the X-Men and proved a valuable member of the team. Within time, she would come to contact with the latent power within her, the Phoenix Force which is a cosmic entity with incalculable power.
Jean Grey has weak health and is hard to use even to advanced players but her rewards pay off. However, when her Hyper Bar is maxed, she is capable of transforming into the Dark Phoenix which replenishes her health and gives her strength and power beyond that of any other character.
Special Moves
TK Shot
TK Trap
TK Overdrive
TK Cosmic

Hyper Combo

Template:Phoenix Rage
Healing Field
Dark Phoenix
Rocket mvc4

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon was once a scientific experiment created by robots to give animals human-level intelligence in order to take care of mentally ill patients. Rocket was one of these animals but this was not to be his fate. Taking to the cosmos, Rocket became a mercenary, a traveler, and eventually a Guardian; eventually teaming up with Star-lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He even brought in his friend Groot, a talking tree.
Rocket Raccoon is a zoning character who uses various gadgets and equipment to control the stage. He is also a good rushdown character and a great foil against larger characters He has low damage resistance and health though so he is at the mercy for stronger opponents like Zangief or Hulk.
Special Moves
Angel Gift
Grab Bag
Oil Bomb
Mr. Flapper
Tunnel Rat
Rocket Skates

Hyper Combo

Rock 'n' Roll
Mad Hopper
Rocky Raccoon
Rocket palette
Humantorch mvc4

Human Torch

Human Torch, or also known as Johnny Storm was a part of the tragic interdimensional trip that transformed himself and his sister into super powered heroes. Along with friends Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, who were also endowed with super powers, formed the Fantastic Four and came into confrontation with many enemies such as Kang, Doctor Doom, and Galactus. Johnny isn't known for his measured personality and often allows himself to "get caught up" in the moment and to "flame on"!.
Human Torch is a powerhouse fighting who uses devastating attacks with very little lag. However, as a foil, his defense and hitpoints are weak allowing him to be also fragile. He is high-risk, high-reward, all out physical inferno assault.
Special Moves
Fire Crash
Pyro Spear

Hyper Combo

Plasma Beam
Humantorch palette
Storm mvc4


Oboro Monroe or known as Storm who serves as a member and teacher of the X-Men. She has the ability to wield wind, lightning, rain, and snow; all of the elements of weather. She has led a rather tumultuous life from losing her family, being worshipped, and at times losing her memories or powers.
Storm is a versatile character who can be played aggressively and defensively with her weather-based attacks. In addition, she can use her abilities to really dominate her foes and her Hyper Combos really do large amounts of damage.
Special Moves
Double Tornado
Lightning Attack
Lightning Sphere
Fair Wind
Foul Wind

Hyper Combo

Hail Storm
Lightning Storm
Elemental Rage
Storm palette
Sentinel mvc4


Invented by Dr. Bolivar Trask in order to eliminate mutants and those with superpowers globally. These monstrous, robotic murder machines employs a large amount of weapons and gadgets to do...well…murder. These robots are extremely durable which makes them perfectly adapted to finding superhumans and destroying them.
Sentinel uses many weapons to dominate its enemies. While slow, it packs a wallop and really put on the hurt to its opponents. While its large frame is a good target, it has good defense which allows it to shrug off small attacks.
Special Moves
Sentinel Force
Rocket Punch
Human Catapult
Murder Beam

Hyper Combo

Plasma Storm
Hard Drive
Hyper Sentinel Force
Sentinel palette
Magneto mvc4


Max Eisenhardt is both a friend and an enemy to Charles Xavier and X-Men who has full control of magnetic powers. He is dedicated to the advancement of the mutant community and has a hatred for humanity. He formed the Brotherhood of Mutants as a mutant supremacy group. Despite his actions, he still holds Charles Xavier has a friend albeit with opposing ideaologies.
Magneto has a large amount of tools with strengths in both offense and defense. He also has a large amount of energy-type attacks. He also has a great rushdown character. Overall, Magneto is a great character overall.
Special Moves
Electromagnetic Disruptor
Hyper Gravitation
Magnetic Forcefield
Magnetic Field
{{Tt|Magnetic Blast|Magneto crosses his arms and fires a slashing EM wave.}

Hyper Combo

Magnetic Shockwave
Magnetic Tempest
Gravity Squeeze
Magneto palette
Spidergwen mvc4


Gwen Stacy is from a different dimension where Peter Parker was the one who didn’t become Spider-man but, instead, the Lizard. Gwen Stacy was the one who was bitten by the radioactive spider and became Spider-Gwen. Despite seeing her friend Parker dying and her father opposing her actions.
Spider-Gwen is faster and more flexible with excellent jumping abilities. She also has great range with her attacks. While she isn’t an offensive wall or anything, many of her attacks do pack a wallop. She is also great at trapping her opponents and dealing damage.
Special Moves
Web Blast
Power Heel
Spider Trap
Web Tether
Extreme Get-Away

Hyper Combo

Cover Up
Swingin’ Around
Punk Rock Spider
Spidergwen palette
Hankpym mvc4

Hank Pym

Hank Pym is a very versatile fighter which allows him to shrink or expand his size during attacking. He has excellent combos which allows him to mix them up along with changing his sizes. Also beneficial is his speed and strength changes upon transforming.
Special Moves
Ant Form
Ant Form: Bullet Punch
Ant Form: Collateral Damage
Ant Form: Swarm Fury
Giant Form
Giant Form: Titanic Punch>br>Giant Form: King Kong Grab
Giant Form: Foot Stomp

Hyper Combo

Army of Ants
Toy Car
Mind of the Ant
Hankpym palette



Ryumvc4 Chunlimvc4 Megamanmvc4 Sokimvc4 Alexmvc4 Asuramvc4 Dantemvc4 Chrismvc4 Tronbonnemvc4 Morriganmvc4 Amaterasumvc4 Reginamvc4 Captaincommandomvc4 Zangiefmvc4 LilithmvcLeonmvc4Frankmvc4JillmvcWeskermvc4Arthurmvc4Leomvc4Nilinmvc4Mbisonmvc4Batsumvc4 Stridermvc4 Tessamvc4 Mundusmvc4 Akumamvc4 Pyronmvc4 Felynemvc4 Ingridmvc4 Zeromvc4 Trishmvc4 Viewtifuljoemvc4


Ryu mvc4


Ryu is a traveling vagaond constantly searching for strong fighters to test his skills on. With his Hadoken, he aims to be the strongest. However, he is constantly searching for self improvement and won't rest until he obtains perfection.
Ryu remains realtively unchanged from previous Marvel vs Capcom and street fighter games. He doesn't have any true strengths of weaknesses. He is a basic character that's good for beginners.
Special Moves
Ren Hadoken
Baku Hadoken
Hado Shoryuken
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Jodan Sokuto Geri

Hyper Combo

Shinku Hadoken
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Hado Kakusei
Hado Kakusei: Shin Hadoken
Hado Kakusei: Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Shin Shoryuken
Ryu palette
Chunli mvc4


Chun-li is a dedicatd martial arts expert who has been following the actions of the shadow organization, Shadoloo. Losing her father to the criminal organzation, she has used her status as a Interpol officer to track operatives and bringing them to justice.
Chun-li is a fast and mobile character and has capable ground and air techniques. However, she lacks defense and can easily be over-powered by more power orienented foes. While she attacks are quick and numerous, she lacks the power to truly take down large enemies.
Special Moves
Spinning Bird Kick
EX Spinning Bird Kick
Hazan Shu

Hyper Combo

Crawler Assault
Shichisei Ranka
Chunli palette
Megaman mvc4

Mega Man

Mega Man is a fighting robot created by Dr. Light to combat the evil robot masters created by the nerfarious Dr. Wily. Even though megaman is a robot, he can feel human emotions and strives to save the world. He has a heart of gold and desires to bring peave to both humans and robots.
Mega Manis true to previous incarnations though focuses on projectiles and zoning. This allows him to keep control of the playing field and to pressure his opponents. His Mega Upper becomes an attack that launches the oppponent into an air and is not a special like before.
Special Moves
Mega Buster
Mega Uppercut
Rush Jet
Weapon Use
Weapon Use:
Weapon Use:
Weapon Use:
Weapon Use:
Weapon Use:
Weapon Change

Hyper Combo

Hyper Mega Man
Super Adaptor
Giga Attack
Megaman palette
Soki mvc4


Soki is a warrior from Japan who possesses the dark energy of the Oni. He set on a journey sets on a journey to burn the Genma Trees and defeat the Genma infesting the country while utilizing the power he earned from his enemies. He is a noble warrior who fights not for himself but for others.
Soki boasts a long and strong reach thanks in part to his long sword. He hits hard and can keep opponents at bay. in addition, he can increase his fighting prowess as well.
Special Moves
Head Splitter
Shoulder Slam

Hyper Combo

Sword of Purification
Oni Tactics
Onimusha Transformation
Demon Blade
Soki palette
Alex mvc4


A man searching and fighting along the way; he is restless yet stubborn. He knows right from wrong but his crass behavior lands him into trouble all too often. A gifted fighter who needs a guiding hand to show him how to fight the good fight. As of late, he has been letting his fists do the talking rather than his mouth.
Alex is a brutish grappler who uses a variety of wrestling and hold moves to subdue his opponents. He uses his skills to completely and utterly decimate his opponents.
Special Moves
Flash Chop
Smash Elbow
Air Stampede
Air Knee Smash

Hyper Combo

Boomerang Raid
Hyper Powerbomb
Heavy Hammer
Alex palette
Asura mvc4


Asura is the Avatar of Wrath which he certainly lives up to with his tendancy to let his fists do the talking. He possesses vast amounts of energy and an unstoppable will - especially when he is angry. He seeks revenge against those who killed his wife and kidnapped his daughter and even dying will not allow his soul to rest until the word crumples apart.
Asura is a heavy hitter with a wide variety od highly damaging, high risk attacks. Asura is a great rush down character. Most of his attacks can break through weak guards and stun opponents into submission.
Special Moves
Fists of Wrath
Mantra Punch
Mantra Arms
Berserker Launch
Breaker Fist

Hyper Combo

Vajira Burst
Wrath Asura
Asura the Destructor
Asura palette
Dante mvc4


Dante is a troubled youth who is an angel/demon hyrbid who dedicates himself to fighting and exterminating demons wherever they may be. While he won't be winning any role model contests, his intentions are noble and good. He has been branded by the demonic leadership of Limbo for his actions.
Dante is a bit different in Marvel vs Capcom 4 due to bieng based off his DMC form. He wields many weapons in combat which morph opon input. He also has a few new moves compared to MvC3.
Special Moves
Ebony & Ivory
Arbiter: Tremor
Osiris: Shredder
Osiris: Meteorfall

Hyper Combo

Million Dollars
Devil Trigger
Devil Must Die
Dante palette
Chris mvc4


Chris Redfield is an accomplished agent who worked for the former unit S.T.A.R.s and now works for the Bioterroism Security Assessment Alliance. He is adept with many forms of combat, weaponry, and fire arms. Chris is a capable agent who has seen many conflicts and has dealt directly with bioterroism activity; often coming face-to-face with his foe, Albert Wesker.
Chris utilizes a wide variety of weapons and fire arms as a keep away fighter and uses them to distance himself from his opponents. He is quite strong though and possesses a wide assortment of damaging attacks.
Special Moves
Gun Fire
Grenade Toss
Punch Combination
Prone Position
Prone Shot

Hyper Combo

Grenade Launcher
Sweep Combo
Satellite Laser
Chris palette
Tronbonne mvc4

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne is a fourteen years old mechanical genius from the Bonne family. She is the creator of the Servbots who serves her without question. She has a heart for adventure and a nose for trouble leading her to many wild situations. While she often goes against Rockman Volnutt, she actually has a secret crush on him.
Tron Bonne is a heavy character that hits hard but also utilizes many interesting gadgets to defeat her opponents. This makes her a rather unpedictable fighter. She benefits from an impressive reach as well as a heavy frame that resists damage and being staggered by heavy attacks.
Special Moves
Bonne Srike
Beacon Bomb
Servbot Launcher
Bonne Mixer

Hyper Combo

Servbot Takeover
Servbot Surprise
Shakedown Mixer
Tronbonne palette
Morrigan mvc4

Scarlet Witch

Morrigan is the adopted daughter of a powerful demon lord and heir to the Aensland estate. Though she may seem dangerous to some, she cares deeply for others around her. However, .
While she is best described as basic, Morrigan excels in air combat and setting up traps to counter opponents while using projectiles to keep them at bay.
Special Moves
Soul Fist
Soul Drain
Shadow Blade
Vector Drain

Hyper Combo

Finishing Shower
Shadow Servant
Astral Vision
Darkness Illusion
Morrigan palette
Amaterasu mvc4


Amaterasu is the goddess of Nippon who brings life and good to all in the world. Alongside her sidekick, Isshin, she seeks to save the world from the forces of evil such as the evil spirit Orochi. Confined to the form of a wolf, she uses celestrial weapons to vanquish darkness...and fleas.
Much like in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Amaterasu uses a variety of weapons and elements to due battle thus making her a rather hard character to use and counter with. That and coupled with mobility makes her a force to recokon with.
Special Moves
Weapon Change
Solar Flare
Thunder Edge
Glaive Chop
Cold Star
Head Charge
The Power Slash Celestial Brush Technique that creates a sheet of paper that slowly floats down. When an opponent comes in contact with it, they are damaged.

Hyper Combo

Okami Shuffle
Veil of Mist
Divine Instruments
Amaterasu palette
Regina mvc4


Regina is an intellegence agent for S.O.R.T. (Secret Operation Raid Team) tasked with investigating a research facility. Much to her and her teams surprise, the entire island was infested by man-eating dinosaurs. She managed to survive the course of events before being called in to a second mission - one which transported her to the prehistoric past.
Regina focuses on using firepower to punch through defenses. Despite her small frame, she sports impressive defensive capabilities and can weather through attacks. She is also quite atheltic and is hampered down in speed like other gun-toting characters.
Special Moves
Flame Thrower
Franchi S.P.A.S.

Hyper Combo

Missile Pod
Regina palette
Captaincommando mvc4

Captain Commando

Captain Commando and his four comrades have dedicated themselves to rid the galaxy of evil and crime. With advanced martial arts and technology, he brings his best in fighting against evildoers. He may not have seen much action in many years but he is ready to prove himself that an old dog can learn new tricks.
Captain Commando is revamped from his Marvel vs Capcom 2 incarnation while retaining his anti-aerial playstyle. He is effective as a jack-of-a-trades with a strong emphasis on rush down tactics.
Special Moves
Captain Fire
Captain Corridor
Captain Kick
Commando Strike
Commando Strike: Ginzu the Ninja
Commando Strike: Mack the Knife
Commando Strike: Baby Head
Captain Spark
Commando Flash

Hyper Combo

Captain Sword
Captain Storm
Commando Unite
Captaincommando palette
Zangief mvc4


The pride of Mother Russia and famed bear wrestler, Zangief has proven time and time again why he is called the "Iron Cyclone". His mere presence calls in a storm of epic proportions and anyone willing to stand up to him soon learn that running away was the best option.
Zangief is a powerful fighter and retains a similar fighting style seen in Street Fighter V. He focuses less on brawling and more on wrestling-inspired attacks and techniques. Beware of his suplexes!
Special Moves
Double Lariat
Spinning Piledriver
Banishing Flat

Hyper Combo

Ultimate Atomic Buster
Iron Body
Bolshoi Siberian Suplex
Zangief palette

Lilith mvc4


Lilith is a succubus who was originally apart of the demonic queen, Morrigan but split by her father, Belial in order to conserve Morrigan's power. This split led to Lilith being born.
Lilith functions much like Morrigan though is significantly faster, lighter, and hits less hard. She excels in agility and speed.
Special Moves
Soul Flash
Innocent Hug
Shining Blade
Merry Turn

Hyper Combo

Splendor Love
Luminous Illusion
Gloomy Pupppet Show
Lilith palette
Leon mvc4

Leon Kennedy

Leon was once a police officer for Racoon City but after his heroic actions during the zombie outbreak, he was promoted. now an agent of the Department of Security Operations, he fights against evil around the world. His traveks and found himself coming into contact with many agents such as Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Albert Wesker.
Leon, unlike Shris, relies less on physical strength and rather on various weapons to exact damage. In addition, he is also faster and can move out the stage easier than Chris.
Special Moves
Lightning Hawk
Assault Rifle RN: Rapid Fire
Assault Rifle RN: Bayonet
Remote Bomb

Hyper Combo

Air Support
TNT Live-stock
Leon palette
Frankwest mvc4

Frank West

Frank West is a photographic journalist who is always looking for a career making scoop - which led him smack dab right in the middle of a zombie horde! He managed to use his skill to survive and break the story about the apaocalypse. While he may be a journalist, he has shown the ability to make weapons literally out of nothing!
Frank West uses a wide variety of weapons, tools, items, cameras, and even zombies to attack. While it may be a bit odd, he is an effective zoner.
Special Moves
Tools of Survival: Light
Tools of Survival: Medium
Tools of Survival: Heavy
Giant Swing
Hammer Throw
Bottoms Up!
Roundhouse Kick
Barrel Roll.

Hyper Combo

Blue Light Special
Survival Techniques
Funny Face Crusher
Frankwest palette
Jill mvc4


Jill Valentine was a member of the S.T.A.R.S. team along with Chris Redfield and fought the undead with him in Racoon City. Both of them shared an unique bond and trusted completely in each other. However, she was put into mind-control by the villain Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 and forced to do his bidding.
Jill is a nimble rushdown character that utilizes many acrobatic ballistic attacks with her firearms. She is a high speed and a high hitting character.
Special Moves
Flip Kick
Cartwheel Kick
Arrow Kick
Double Knee Drop
Fallen Prey
Position Change
Feral Crouch

Hyper Combo

Machine Gun Spray
Raven Spike
Mad Beast
Jill palette
Wesker mvc4

Albert Wesker

jWesker was once a S.T.A.R.S. agent and aided Chris in his missions before betraying Chris and injecting himself with a serum which gave him abilities far beyond any human. His action led him to conflict with Chris and to aid the Umbrella Corporation in creating biological monsters. He was ultimately destroyed by Chris Redfield.
Wesker is a highly mobile which a wide variety of technical options and combos to execute. he has a high learning curve which pays off in the end..
Special Moves
Cobra Strike
Ghost Butterfly
Jaguar Dash
Jaguar Kick
Template:Phantom Move
Tiger Uppercut
Tiger Uppercut: Light
Tiger Uppercut: Medium
Tiger Uppercut: Heavy
Mustang Kick

Hyper Combo

Phantom Dance
Rhino Charge
Lost in Nightmares
Wesker palette
Arthur mvc4


Arthur is a brave knight who fights against ghosts, goblins, and monsters to save his beloved Princess Prin-Prin. Facing against the forces of Lord Astaroth, Sir Arthur should get a bit of rest...just after one more fight!
Arthur is a keep away character that has many projectiles and weapons at his disposal. He has a great reach which keeps foes at bay.
Special Moves
Dagger Toss
Lance Toss
Scatter Crossbow
Fire Bottle Toss
Axe Toss
Scythe Toss
Shield Deflect
Heavenly Slash
Hellbound Slash

Hyper Combo

Goddess Bracelet
Golden Armor
For the Princess!
Arthur palette
Leo mvc4


Leo was not the lion-like beast that he is today. He was once the proud King of Greedia who was cursed by unknown invaders to the form of a bestial lion. After expelling him from his kingdom, Leo tried to revert back to his human form but to no avail. He has used his bestial nature to right his wrongs and to one day return back to his kingdom. But his country has changed over the years and he found it to be not as he left it.
Leo is a damage dealing opponent with great reach no small thanks to his sword. Leo is notable that he gains levels as he battles his opponents which is done by defeating opponents, landing successful hits, using Hyper Combos, and avoid being damaged. These are taken from the game Red Earth though redone for Marvel vs Capcom 4. He technically has seven levels but only numbered up to 6. Each level he gains a new sword and shield which deals more damage as well as resistances and attacks.
  • 0. Savage: Initial equipment is the Old Sword and Sword Shield.
  • 1. Ravenger: Obtains the Bronze Sword and Wood Shield. Becomes resistant to Ice damage. Learns Achilles Rush.
  • 2. Victor: Obtains the Steel Sword and Steel Shield. Becomes resistant to Lightning damage. Learns Chronos Revenge. Learns Hercules Rush.
  • 3. Soldier: Obtains the Flame, Freeze, and Thunder Sword. Learns Weapon Equip. Learns Mystic Force. Learns Brave Heart.
  • 4. Hero: Obtains the Diamond Sword. Defensive power increases. Learns Achilles Revenge. Becomes resistant to Fire damage.
  • 5. Warrior: Obtains the Diamond Shield. Learns Gaia Driver. Becomes resistant to Magic damage.
  • 6. Warlord: Obtains the Legend Sword and Shield. Learns Gigas Driver. Becomes resistant to Hyper Combos.
Special Moves
Chronos Rush
Mars Slash
Weapon Change
Mystic Force
Achilles Rush
Chrono Revenge
Achilles Revenge
Shield and Parry<br?Gaia Crusher

Hyper Combo

Hercules Rush
Brave Heart
Gigas Driver
Leo palette
Nilin mvc4


Nilin Cartier-Wells hails from the Remember Me franchise and his a Memory Hunter. She is the daughter of the creators of the Memorize Corporation who collects and stores memories. She is a gifted memory remixer who can find memories within people and changes them. She also retrieves memories for her own uses. She found herself joining a terrorist organization devoted to bringing down the Memorize Corporation and it SABER force. However, in the process of remixing other memories, she find her own lost memories as well leading her to rethink her dedication to the cause.
Nilin, unlike other straight forward fighters, excels in destabilizing and rendering her opponents stunned. Her abilities are great at shutting down attacks and generally causing headaches for the other fighters. While she is a formidable fighter in her own right, she best shines as an assist character.
Special Moves
Force Spammer
Junk Bolt
Sensen DoS
Logic Bomb
Sensen RIP

Hyper Combo

Sensen Fury
Memory Remix
Nilin palette
Mbison mvc4

M. Bison

M. Bison is the leader of the criminal organization Shadoloo and is hell bent on world domination. A self-styled dictator, he lusts for power and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is able to utilize the destructive power known as Psycho Power which has slowly been destroying his body due t being unable to house it. Time and time again he has proven as the driving antagonistic force within the Street Fighter franchise and the source of hatred for many characters including Ryu and Chun-li.
M. Bison has an aggressive high-risk-high-reward playstyle that focuses on punishing opponents with devastating moves that takes full advantage of his mobility and power. However, due to the damage from his Psycho Power, he lacks the defensive power from more tank-like characters.
Special Moves
Psycho Crusher
Double Knee Press
Head Press
Devil Reverse
Psycho Shot
Psycho Reflect
Psycho Blast

Hyper Combo

Final Psycho Crusher
Psycho Punishment
Ultimate Psycho Crusher
Mbison palette


Batsu mvc4

Batsu Ichimonji

Batsu Ichimonji is a student from Taiyo High School was searching for his missing father. Joined by his two classmates, Hinata and Kyosuke; together they searched for his whereabouts while also unraveling the trouble facing other schools within the area. Batsu is a rebellious individual with a love of fighting but also the ability to decide right from wrong. While his methods may be questionable, he is dedicated to fighting against injustice and evil.
Much like Ryu, Batsu has a straight forward fighter thought he does boast impressive and powerful attacks as well as great combo abilities.
Special Moves
Guts Upper
Guts Bullet
Crescent Moon Kick
Shooting Star Kick
Burning Elbow

Hyper Combo

Super Guts Upper
Super Guts Bullet
Imawano-style Shrike Drop
Strider mvc4

Strider Hiryu

Strider Hiryu is a special agent known as a Strider which is an elite team of ninja mercenaries. They are experts as kidnapping, assassination, demolition, and other related fields though they have performed these services for the greater good. Hiryu, having obtained the Special-A class rank is one of the most successful and promising agents. His adventures led him to be pitted against the alien super-genius known as Grandmaster Meio.
Hiryu is quick striker with tons of available abilities to get in attacks. He is also good at hit-and-run tactics. However, he lacks the notable defenses of other characters and lacks good health to weather through intense physical attacks. Still, with his speed and attack combos; he is best used on the offensive.
Special Moves
Formation A1/A2/C
Wall Cling

Hyper Combo

Strider palette
Tessa mvc4


Tessa is a sorcerologist who is investigating a large amount of storms that have been breaking out in 1999. She finds this to be the cause of the oceanic monster Hydron as well as a number of monstrous beasts who have been appearing throughout the world.
While Tessa is a rather slow fighter, she benefits from general lightness and has the slowest falling rate of any other character. Her magic attacks boast a great range allowing her to cover a wide range around her. Much like Leo, she too has a leveling up system:
  • 0. Magician: Initial equipment is the Wooden Staff.
  • 1. Sorcerer: Becomes resistant to Poison damage. Learns Air Chakra Wave.
  • 2. Witch: Becomes resistant to Lightning damage. Learns Glace Cannon.
  • 3. Summoner: Learns Electron Cannon and Fiamma Canon. Attack power increases.
  • 4. Sage: Learns Hyper Cannon. Defense increases
  • 5. Archmage: Learns Ghost Jammer. Becomes resistant to Fire damage. Speed Increases.
  • 6. MagelordLearns Death Phenomenon. Becomes more resistant to stun. Hyper Combo meter ncreases faster.</
Special Moves
Chakra Wave
Mystic Force
Reverie Sword
Air Chakra Wave
Glace Cannon
Electron Cannon
Fiamma Cannon

Jamming Ghost

Hyper Combo

Tricicle Edge
Hyper Cannon
Death Phenomenon
Tessa palette
Mundus mvc4


Mundus is a demon king who is gifted with tremendous power and strength. Controlling both the living and the demon world, he was once comrades with Sparda, Dante's father. Mundus despises Dante with every fiber of his being and has dedicated his efforts in wiping out the seed of his one-time ally. Mundus has in his grasp legions of demons as well as his own children. He controls an unwitting human populace through various means such as propaganda, commercialism, and pure terror.
Mundus is a pure power house who uses his impressive strength to completely eradicate his opponents through his demonic skills. His attacks can pressure opponents to and cripple defenses. He can also summon demons to do his bidding and eat them to gain health.
Special Moves
Demon Ball
Purging Fist
Demonic Summon
Demonic Summon: Pathos
Demonic Summon: Hell Knight

Demonic Summon: Butcher

Hyper Combo

Hell Gate
Demon King
Mundus palette
Akuma mvc4


Akuma trained under Goutetsu along with his brother Gouken to learn the Ansatsuken or Assassin's Fist. Disruption rifted between the two students with Gouken favoring a peaceful path rather than Akuma's more violent path. Embracing the Satsui No Hado and having given into hatred and murder, Akuma not only killed his master but his brother as well. Still, he searches for more powerful fighters and his journey has led him against his brother's pupil, Ryu. Sensing Ryu's inner darkness and potential with Satsui No Hado, he has continued to try and push Ryu further into that darkness.
Akuma remains relatively unchanged from previous MvC incarnations. While his attacks are similar to Ryu, he does possess notable differences as well as a more aggressive attack style that focuses on closing gaps between himself and his opponent and launching into an aggressive combo.
Special Moves
Zugai Hasatsu
Gou Hadouken
Zankuu Hadouken
Gou Shoryuken
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku
Tenma Kuujinkyaku

Ashura Senkuu
Hyakki Gouzan
Hyakki Goushhou
Hyakki Goujin
Hyakki Gousan
Hyakki Gouhou

Hyper Combo

Messatsu Gou Hadou
Tenma Gou Zankuu
Shun Goku Satsu
Akuma palette
Pyron mvc4


Pyron is an alien from the planet Hellstorm who has the control of fire. He found he could expand himself to cover the entire galaxy and absorb energy to further his growth. He had intended to devour Earth with his power but felt it was necessary to wipe away all life on Earth before devouring it. After meeting powerful foes who defended the planet, he decided that it was more fun to challenge himself to worthy adversaries rather than simply devouring everything he saw.
Special Moves
Sol Smasher
Zodiac Fire
Orbital Blaze
Galaxy Trip
Planet Burning

Hyper Combo

Shining Gemini
Cosmo Disruption
Big Bang
Pyron palette
Felyne mvc4


Felynes are a part of a race of human-like cats called Lynians and share common ancestry with the darker colored Melynxes. They are able to inhabit a wide range of environments and can even live in large cities full of humans or Lynian-only villages. While Lyrnians may be wary, they have been known to join them with their hunts. Despite this, certain Lynians will attack humans will use a mixture of weapons and bombs to drive away intruders. They can speak the Human language and can communicate effectively with them.
Felynes/Melynxes are interesting in that while they can hold their own in battle, they are best used to buff up the players team and provide much needed assistance. Their specials provide much-needed buffs for themselves as well as their allies.
Special Moves
Temperament: Brave
Temperament: Cautious
Temperament: Scrapper
Temperament: Fool-hardy
Temperament: Peaceful
Temperament: Cowardly

Armor Flute
Demon Flue
Health Flue
Trap Master

Hyper Combo

Lg Barrel-Bomb
Risk Breaker
Hunting Party
Ingrid palette
Ingrid mvc4


Ingrid is a mysterious individual who, supposedly, is from a different world. She wields great telekinetic powers and incorporates energy-based abilities. She has an intense hatred of the Satsui no Hado and often takes the side of good.
Ingrid is a strong attacker with great projectiles but has lacks defense. She withers under aggressive combos by brawlers and grapplers. She can use energy projectiles that allows spacing.
Special Moves
Easy Step
Sun Arch
Sun Upper
Sun Lower
Sun Drive

Hyper Combo

Sun Delta
Felyne palette
Zero mvc4


Zero is a Maverick Hunter who utilizes his Z-Buster and Z-Sword to deal damage. Zero possesses a strong will and a vital spirit which he uses to find and destroy all Mavericks. He is often teamed up with his friend, X but they sometimes differ on how to tackle a situation.
Zero is a good rushdown/cross up character who has both close-up and ranged options when dealing with enemies. Zero is a strong character with great speed and decent defensive abilities which makes him a strong contender. However, in comparison to other characters, he lacks in good combos.
Special Moves
Hyper Zero Buster

Hyper Combo

Genmu Zero
Zero palette
Trish mvc4


Trish was created by the demon, Mundus, in the image of Dante’s mother in order to defeat him. Trish found respect in Dante after he saved her life despite being an enemy and, following mundus’ defeat, joined with Dante and became a demon hunter.
Trish uses the Sparda and can utilize a wide range of magical attacks. She is a Keep Away character and can manipulate space using her abilities. She also some good traps to set up the opponent.
Special Moves
Low Voltage
Trick “Hopscotch”
Trick “Peakaboo”
Round Trip
Switch Sign
Air Raid

Hyper Combo

Maximum Voltage
Round Harvest
Duet Pain
Trish palette
Viewtifuljoe mvc4

Viewtiful Joe

Joe is a run-of-the-mill movie fanatic who idolizes Captain Blue. One fateful day, Captain Blue is defeated on TV. and, the villain, reaches out and grabs Joe’s girlfriend Silva into the T.V. Joe, after getting pulled into the T.V., finds himself battling against Blue’s enemies.
Joe is an excellent character for an offensive rushdownwith a small hit box due to his stature. In addition, he can hit very quickly and can easily chain his attacks together to put the hurt on opponents..
Special Moves
V-Bomb/Shocking Pink
Red-Hot Kick
Groovy Uppercut
Air Joe

Hyper Combo

Vewitiful God Hand
Mach Speed
Viewtifuljoe palette
Maki mvc4


The daughter of Genryusai and a member of the Bushin-clan alongside Guy. The Mad Gear Gang kidnap her father and sister, Rena. She enlists the help of Haggar and Carlos in finding their whereabouts and bringing down the Mad Gear Gang.
Maki focuses on speed and mobility by firing off quick attacks from her tanfa. She is best suited for hit and run tactics. This makes her a good zoner character.
Special Moves
Saka Hayagake
Tengu Daoshi

Hyper Combo

Bushin Guraiha
Maki palette
Armoredsuit mvc4


Joe is a run-of-the-mill movie fanatic who idolizes Captain Blue. One fateful day, Captain Blue is defeated on TV. and, the villain, reaches out and grabs Joe’s girlfriend Silva into the T.V. Joe, after getting pulled into the T.V., finds himself battling against Blue’s enemies.
Joe is an excellent character for an offensive rushdownwith a small hit box due to his stature. In addition, he can hit very quickly and can easily chain his attacks together to put the hurt on opponents..
Special Moves
Impact Shot

Hyper Combo

Maximum Drive
Galactic Assault
Alpha palette


As of launch, there are a total of eight stages, four for Capcom and four for Marvel. Future stages will be released along with each pack and will download automatically upon release granted the player purchased the pack previously.


AvengerstowerstageKnowherestageAsteroidMstageTheraftstageOscroplabstage Hellskitchenstage Savagelandstage Xaviersmansionstage


TalloaksstageUnionstationstageLimbostageKarmafortressstageGraveyardstage Robotmuseumstage Parkviewstage Kamikivillagestage Each character is given a homestage where they are encountered on within the single player modes like Story, Arcade, and Rival. With new characters and stages being released in Season 2, these are subject to change.

  • Avengers Tower: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye
  • Knowhere: Star-lord, Kang
  • Asteroid M: Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Deadpool
  • The Raft: Juggernaut, Hulk, War Machine
  • Oscorp Laboratories: Spider-man, Green Goblin
  • Tall Oaks: Chris, Regina, Leon
  • Union Station: Ryu, Chun-li, Tron Bonne
  • Limbo: Dante, Alex, Zangief
  • Karma Fortess: Asura, Soki
  • Graveyard: Morrigan, Lilith, Amaterasu
  • Hell's Kitchen: Daredevil, Luke Cage
  • Savage Lands: None
  • Robot Museum: Mega Man, Captain Commando
  • Parkview Mall: Frank West

Game Modes

Players can either play Offline against computer players or friends or challenge players through the Internet through Online. There is also a Gallery and Option mode that allows players to view various artwork, models, ending scenes and other goodies. Options allows the player to toggle variables regarding the game such as brightness. Offline

  • Story Mode: Story Mode follows a scripted plot line that is uniformal regardless of the player. There are a total of twelve matches with the twelfth against the boss. For a Marvel character, it is The Dragon from Dragon's Dogma. For a Capcom character, it is Galactus. Completing the Story Mode rewards the player with a ending scene that is exclusive for that particular character. These ending scenes can viewed through the Gallery.
  • Arcade Mode: Arcade Mode is similar to traditional arcade-style modes where the player must fight against eigh random fighters. The eighth fighter faced is always the rival character. Completing the Arcade Mode with a character for the first time to reward the player with a special artwork which can be viewed within the Gallery.
  • Tournament Mode: Players can register up to 35 players within a tournament setting. These players can either be human or CPU fighters.

+Rival Mode: Players must make it through ten rounds as a randomized character each round. The character will be faced against his or her rival character. Completing the Rival Mode for the first time rewards the player with Sound Files of that character which can be listened to in the Gallery.

  • Vs. Mode: Players can fight against a human or CPU fighter in a Vs. Mode. Players can adjust the number of matches and time of matches as well as difficulty of the CPU and handicap.
  • Training: Fight against a CPU to help hone your abilities and improve oneself!
  • Missions: Participate and complete various missions given by Dr. Light and Processor X! These help the player earn content for the gallery!
  • New Game Mode: Destiny Unveiled

This new game mode Destiny Unveiled allows players to collect figurines of various Marvel and Capcom characters such as:

  • Groot
  • Carnage
  • Quicksilver
  • Beast
  • A-Bomb
  • Dr. Wily
  • F.A.N.G.
  • Claire Redfield
  • Jedah

And more in order to fight against other players. Equipping these figurines to your character will increase their stats and even give them special abilities! For example, putting Quicksilver onto Wolverine allows him to do a faster dash than before! Or adding F.A.N.G. to Amaterasu gives her Poison-inducing abilities! This mode will be appearing in the December update. Online

  • Vs. Mode:Fight against players all across the world in a vs match! Matches are created based on region to reduce the amount of lag within the match.
  • Tournament Mode: Create and host a tournament! You can approve or deny entry into the tournament. It can support up to 32 players.
  • Conquest of Heroes: Battle against four players on a comic book! Pick up to 6 characters to take over squares and combat opponents. The last player standing wins!

Marvel vs Capcom Amiibos

Mvc4amiibo1 Yes, Marvel vs Capcom 4 will have amiibos available for the entire roster! They are also unique as, much akin to the Marvel action figures found in many toy stores, they are fully moveable with rotating heads and limbs! They can even be detached from the figurine base allowing for real life Marvel vs Capcom battles.

Voice Talent


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