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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Platform(s) Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, PC.
Age Rating(s)


Act 1: Cut Off One

Act 2: Web of Shadows

Act 3: Invaders

Act 4: A New Alliance

Act 5: Infinity War

Playable Characters

Identity (Name) {Voice Actor} Summary Moves Costumes
Iron Man (Tony Stark) {Crispin Freeman}
  • Repulsor Bullets: ???
  • Laser Cutter: ???
  • Targeted Rockets: ???
  • Unibeam: ???
  • Hulkbuster Armor (Super Attack): ???
  • Default: Default Costume.
  • Mark 1: Attacks do double damage, but the armor is reduced. Flight is disabled.
  • Thorbuster: Speed is increased.
  • Heartbreaker: Unibeam damage output is tripled.
  • Infinity-Powered: ???
  • Ultimate: Damage output is maxed out.
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) {Josh Keaton}
  • Web Bullets: ???
  • Spider Flail: ???
  • Bungee Bash: ???
  • Slingshot Strike: ???
  • Webbing Storm (Super Attack): ???
  • Default: Default Costume.
  • Scarlet Spider: ???
  • Iron Spider: Armor is increased, reducing damage taken.
  • Symbiote: Never run out of Stamina while wearing this, but take double damage from fire attacks.
  • Infinity-Powered: ???
  • Ultimate: Damage output is maxed out.
Captain America (Steven Rogers) {David Kaye}
Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner) {Fred Tatasciore}
Thor (Thor Odinson) {Travis Willingham}
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) {April Stewart}
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) {E. G. Daily}
War Machine (James Rhodes) {Nolan North}
Falcon (Samuel Wilson) {Tim Russ}
Ant-Man (Scott Lang) {Troy Baker}

Name Summary Moves Costumes
Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) {Steven Blum}
  • Claw Slash: ???
  • ???: ???
  • ???: ???
  • Claw Kebab: ???
  • Wolverine Whirlwind (Super Attack): ???
Cyclops (Scott Summers) {Zach Hanks}
Phoenix (Jean Grey) {Molly Hagan}
Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) {Tim Russ}
Iceman (Robert Drake) {Adam Bobrow}
Juggernaut (Cain Marko) {Matthew Willig}
Dagger (Tandy Bowen) {Danielle Young}
Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) {Ahmed Best}
Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock) {Kimberly Brooks}
Deadpool (Wade Wilson) {Nolan North}

Name Summary Moves Costumes
Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom) {Clive Revill}
  • DoomStorm: ???
  • Spellcast: ???
  • Doomsday Bomb: ???
  • Conjurer: ???
  • Infinity Blade (Super Attack): ???
Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) {Steven Blum}
Moonstone (Karla Sofen) {Tasia Valenza}
Ultron {James Spader}
Magneto (Maxwell Eisenhardt) {Richard Green}

Name Summary Moves Costumes
Speedfreak (Steven Inertion) {Scott Porter}
  • Thousand Fists of Fury: A special beat-down technique Steven practiced a long time ago, the Thousand Fists of Fury attack quickly stuns a foe then beats down the goon with a rapidfire series of quick, focused attacks that drains the health of the goon rather quickly, depending on their armor, genetics and such; this attack will only really work on a single goon, but with upgrades, it can push away and stun other foes that will try to interrupt the beatdown.
  • Pinball Ricochet: ???
  • Kinetic Shockwave: ???
  • Energy Release Mode: ???
  • Lightspeed Multi-Takedown (Super Attack): ???
  • Default: Default costume.
  • Avengers Outfit: All stats are boosted by 1.5 times original value.
  • Iron Man's Team Colors: Speed is increased, longer Energy Release time.
  • Cap's Team Colors: Armor is doubled, damage is increased.
  • ???:
  • Infinity-Powered: Damage output is maxed out.
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) {Robert Clotworthy}
Invisible Woman (Susan Storm) {Danica McKellar}
Thing (Benjamin Grimm) {Fred Tatasciore}
Human Torch (Jonathan Storm) {David Kaufman}
Super-Skrull (K'irt) {Fred Tatasciore}
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) {Tricia Helfer}


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