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Marvel Nintendo Crossover
Marvel Nintendo Crossover
The crossover's logo
Type of Company Crossover company (Marvel + Nintendo)
Founder(s) APs-Boo Productions
Founded at/in June 14th, 2013
No. of Employee(s) 1 so far
Predecessor Marvel


Marvel Nintendo Crossovers (MNC) are the video games made as a collaboration between Marvel and Nintendo.


The basics of the MNCs are, they have a hero/villan from Marvel and they add a hero/villan from Nintendo, i.e. Iron Mario (Iron Man + Mario)

Video Games

The video games in the series are mostly supervised by Nintendo, so in an Iron Mario video game, the game mechanics of the game would be like a Mario game.


The movies are mostly supervised by Marvel. The movies are like the action movies that they have already made, but, obviously, with Nintendo Characters

Iron Mario -The first movie in the possible trilogy based of Iron Man movies 1-3.


Iron Mario- Iron Man + Mario

Toad Fury- Toad + Nick Fury

Kulk - Kirby + Hulk