The Marvel Animated Universe is a shared universe created by Inora in collaboration with Marvel Studios. Launching in 2017, the universe holds together several Netflix original series and inhabits a world distinct from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the main Marvel Universe. Despite this, it takes inspiration from all sorts of source material.

Companies interested in contributing a series can comment below or on the universe's official thread. Reception for the continuity has been (TBA).


The shows are presented in the order of release, rather than chronologically.

Series Company Description
Captain America: The Man out of Time Inora

"Patriotic hero Steve "Captain America" Rogers sacrifices himself heroically in 1947. Exactly seventy years later, espionage organization S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers his body, perfectly intact. They soon realize that the super-serum has allowed him to survive all this time.

Having lost everything, Steve resigns himself to a quiet life in Brooklyn as an artist. But the appearance of Captain Americas who go against the values he championed launches our hero back into action, assisted by the agency and brilliant engineer Tony Stark."

What If?

This brand of the MAU takes place outside of the continuity, and is for strange shows that don't need to worry about canon. Despite this, they share the same format as the main universe.

Series Company Description
Ghost Spider Simple Studios

"In a timeline where Uncle Ben didn't die and instead helped train Peter and his new powers. He became the Amazing Spider, a beloved hero who amassed a great fortune and protected New York from several threats. He eventually grew placid and arrogant which caused him to make a fatal mistake in a fight with the occult creature known as Demon that caused the death of his Fiance Mary Jane. Overwraught with grief he sacrifices himself to destroy Demon, willingly sending himself to hell in order to "redeem himself".

11 years from then Peter Parker has been brought back to the land of the living and to a crime-ridden New York as the Ghost Spider in order to truly redeem himself by killing the crime leaders and supervillains who lord over New York."



Other Media





  • In Marvel's multiverse, the Marvel Animated Universe is designated as Earth-606.

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