Marvel's Young Avengers is a 2015 animated series created by Inora in association with Marvel Animation, loosely based on the comic book of the same name. The show blends elements of the primary Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking place in the Marvel Animated Universe.

The show focuses upon 5 teenaged New York superheroes who team up to form a superhero team to face threats they can't deal with alone. Reception has been (TBA).




Young Avengers

Character Age Voice Actor Description



(William Kaplan)

15 TBA

A teenage boy who was constantly bullied for being gay, but drew the line at someone else being bullied. After standing up for them, he revealed that he had mutant powers and began taking up the identidy of Wiccan to protect others.

Wiccan is considerate, caring, and empathetic. On the other hand, he's geeky and lets other people walk over him, and remains a constant "Momma's Boy".

Wiccan is a mutant who has the power of casting spells. Wiccan could be immensely powerful, and the extent of his powers are unknown, but he has a lot of training to do first.


Ms. Marvel

(Kamala Khan)

14 TBA

A teenage Muslim-American who is a huge fangirl of superheroes. Her life was changed when Terrigen Mist overtook the city, revealing that she was an Inhuman. Deciding to become a superhero herself, she took up the identidy of her idol, Carol Danvers.

Ms. Marvel is geeky and always optimistic. Her life is complicated by her over-protective parents and her struggle with her faith.

Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman polymorph, someone who can manipulate the elasticity and size of their body. In addition, she has accelerated healing.



(Kate Bishop)

16 Grey DeLise

A teenage girl raised from birth to be an assasin. When she was a pre-teen, she was rescued from her captors by a mysterious organization. Wanting to turn her life around, she was inspired by how Hawkeye fought alongside superpowered people, and took up the identidy of Hawkeye to protect the innocent.

Hawkeye, being raised from birth to be an assasin, isn't one for joking and is always a bit grim, but she is immensely loyal and courageous. She does the dirty work no one else wants to.

Hawkeye has no powers, but is an expert in martial arts and an expert marksman, rivaling some S.H.I.E.L.D agents in her prowess.



(Brian Cruz)

16 TBA

A teenage boy who lived with his mother in Puerto Rico. In order to escape anti-mutant sentiments there, he and his mother moved to New York, with Brian taking up the identidy of Tag to help people in need.

Tag is big-hearted and compassionate, feeling endlessly loyal towards his friends and family. However, his loyalty can be a bad thing as well, and he has a short temper.

Tag is a mutant with the unique power to "tag" people, making others run to or away from a target he has tagged.



(Miles Morales)

14 Donald Glover

A teenage boy who stumbles upon an attempt to recreate Peter Parker's powers on a field trip to OsCorp and ends up becoming a new Spider-Man to protect New York.

Miles is a geek who enjoys science, like Peter Parker, but is reluctant to accept his new responsibilites and struggles with his complicated family, who have a criminal history.

Spider-Man has the regular powers of Spider-Man, in addition to being able to paralyze his enemies temporarily and regenerate health quickly.


Season 1

Season 1 has 13 episodes.

No. in
No. in
Episode Description
001 1 Pilot When the Avengers are busy international, it's up to 5 teenage superheroes to defeat Kang the Conqueror when he attacks New York, leading to the formation of the Young Avengers, as the newspapers dub them.
002 2
003 3
004 4
005 5
006 6
007 7
008 8
009 9
010 10
011 11
012 12
013 13





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