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Marvel's Loudmouths
Developer(s) Phazonworks, Beenox, Vicarious Visions.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre(s) Marvel
Age Rating(s)
T, Pegi 16
Cost $40.00

Marvel's Loudmouths is a action/adventure game produced by Phazonworks, and primarily developed by the teams of Beenox and Vicarious Visions; as the development title might imply, it will feature a small cast of people known for their wisecracks within the Marvel Universe, even if some of the aren't totally known for it.


Act 1: New York (the Tutorial Act)

The game starts off with a tutorial on the basics for each character.

  • Spider-Man -
  • Iron Man -
  • Human Torch -
  • Iceman -
  • Deadpool -
  • Speedfreak -

(More Coming Soon)

Act 2: They Stand

Act 3: Allies Eternal

Act 4: The Final Crusade



Name Abilities Data Voice Actor
(Peter Parker)
  • Web-Swinging (movement; requires webbing)
  • Spider-Sense
  • Wall-Climbing
  • (with Spider-Suit)
    • Shock Gauntlets
    • Unlimited Webbing
    • Enhanced Movement

Everyone knows Spider-Man, but not everyone likes him; he has his fair share of both good days and bad, and a rogue's gallery filled with dangerous and ridiculous enemies.

While Parker isn't exacly the most armored or offensive one of the bunch, he's one of the most mobile and the most aware; thanks to sticking to walls and swinging from webs, he can get from one point in New York City to another in a relativly short amount of time; while not as shielded as Iron Man or as damage-dealing as Deadpool, he does okay in most aspects, as to be expected from the starter character.

Josh Keaton
(Wade Wilson)
  • Short-distance Teleportation (movement)
  • Health Regeneration
  • Faster Takedowns

Why would this game be about wisecrackers if the Merc with a Mouth isn't in it? 

He's not quite as mobile as most of the other characters, since his only method of movement is a short-ranged teleportation device; but his melee and ranged attacks? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. His katanas, handguns and grenades can take out groups of foes no problem, and his healing factor will moderately heal any damage taken in up-close-and-personal combat, but this does not, repeat, DOES NOT make up for his low defense; give him too much damage, he'll die (yes, really; a game can't be totally broken).

Nolan North
Human Torch
(Jonathan Storm)
  • Flight (movement)
  • Overheat Blast (requires charge time)
  • Flamethrower
  • Rapidfire Fireballs

Ol' hothead never fails to disappoint when it comes to bringing the heat.

While his fire allows him a lot of power in both physical and ranged attacks, his defense and ground speed aren't too beneficial. Now granted, he can also fly, so that makes him perfect for air combat; he's not quite as controlled as Iron Man, but once he gets up to greater speeds in flight, he can't cut curves quite as well. Make no mistake, though. Torch can still hold up.

David Kaufman
(Robert Drake)
  • Ice Trails (movement)
  • Ice Beam
  • Icicle Wall
  • Sheer Cold

Ah, Iceman. Literally the coolest one of the group.

While Bobby has a lot more control and skill than Johnny, he's got a bit more... focus. His attacks usually requre focusing on one to two foes at a time, which is why most of his attacks (especially Sheer Cold) cause a freezing effect on foes. This effect buys Iceman time to take down the more dangerous foes while the others are stored in a block of ice. The best one is Sheer Cold; fully upgraded, it can both freeze and nearly KO most normal opponents.

Adam Bobrow
Iron Man
(Antony Stark)
  • Repulsor Flight (movement)
  • Rocket Punch
  • Homing Rockets
  • Beam Cutter
  • Unibeam Blast

Iron Man's not necessarily known for being a smartass like most of the group here, but he has his moments.

Iron Man has a glaring flaw on him that prevents him from being the most broken character in the game: while his physical, ranged, armor and speed skills are fantastic, he can't use his attacks in rapid succession as you might want, since the power battery he has is limited; once the regular power meter is drained, the reserves will activate, and his attacks will do half the damage he could normally do.

Flying also applies to the battery mechanic: the flight mechanic drains his battery fast, and when on reserves, he CAN'T fly. Period.

Crispin Freeman
(Steven Intertion)
  • Double Runspeed
  • Phasing
    • Slipthrough Tosser
  • Run up Walls
  • Beatdown Combos

Running fast is a key mechanic with this newcomer; what else would you expect with a name like Speedfreak?

Having genetic powers inherited from both Shadowcat and Quicksilver, Speedfreak can be the most speedy and mobile character in the whole game, however also the least defensive. His offensive skills aren't bad either; remember when Batman, in the Arkham games, could launch a series of quick, focused attacks on tougher goons to bring them down? Speedfreak can do that nearly every time he attacks a goon, but he has to be focused on that one goon only and can't be distracted (attacked) by other henchman while he does bring the beatdown; his signature technique, the Slipthrough Tosser, can be used when he has a running start on goons: with the head start, he slips through his opponent, grabs them by the back of their shirt collar, then throws them from the force he builds up running and then stopping on a dime.

From this angle he may seem a little OP; not true, in fact; his armor is horrible, and he lacks ranged attacks totally, but with his speed and physical attack power, he makes up for it easily.

Scott Porter

Supporting Characters



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