Marty the Thwomp
Marty, the caged Thwomp
Full Name Marty the Thwomp
Location Bowser's Castle
Current Status Alive, captured
Class Anti Hero
Main Weapon(s) Weight
Marty is a green Thwomp found behind jail bars in Mario Kart 64's Bowser's Castle. He is laughing and looks at you through the bars. He appears in the first room of the castle, the jail bars being in front of the first turn into the corridor into the next room. He returned in Mario kart Wii, though he was no longer green.

The reasons for his imprisonment is unknown, at least officially.


Marty is a green Thwomp seen behind the bars of a cage, on sickening display during the Bowser's Castle course in Mario Kart 64.




Mario Kart 64

Appears in the Bowser's Castle course behind bars. Rumors circulated around the unlocking of the character, but they were all false and it is also not possible to free him.

Mario Kart Wii

Appears in the remade version of Mario Kart 64's Bowser's Castle course, although he is no longer green and is still behind bars. It is still not possible to free him.


  • It's not easy being green.