Percy! I thought you were my friend!...BUT YOU LIED!! YOU WERE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! I'M SORRY, BUT I NEED A FEAST!!"
Martin "Marty" Smith, Shadow Lands

Martin "Marty" Smith, or just Marty, is a recurring character in Shadow Lands. He first appears in the original game, as the first duo boss in the game, and the fourth boss overall.

He is voiced by Jamie Elman.

Shadow Lands

He is first met in Chapter 2, in Marilyn's Cafe. He talks to Percy for awhile, explaining his biggest like: his own shadow. After a chat, he goes away.

Later, in Chapter 3, Catherine, following Marty to an old alleyway, overhears him talking about how he'll "get Blue Hoodie out of the way." While it looks like he's talking to no one, his shadow stretches onto a wall, turning into the shape of a devil like creature. Catherine runs off to warn her twin brother.

In Chapter 4, Percy and Catherine sneak into Pete's Warehouse, only to find Marty shoving the mayor's secretary, tied up and squirming, behind a stack of boxes. He turns around, and starts screaming at the duo. His shadow, which he named Pretender, comes to life, and helps Marty with his kidnappings, robberies, and murders.

After his boss battle is done, Marty and Pretender will fall to the ground, in pain. After fainting, that is the last time they appear in the game.

Shadow Lands 2

In Chapter 7, when the twins go to Asylum, Marty is seen getting shock therapy. Pretender can be seen mimicing his emotions.


  • He was inspired by the old Pokemon rumor, stating that Gengar is Clefable's shadow.

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