Martin Breeze is a recurring character in the Ella-Metals series, he is a good friend of Donny Metals, being schoolmates. He is always giving advice to Ella and is one of VineVille's top doctor's who debuts in Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!. His father is Nicholas Steel, but Martin inherited his mother's power.


Martin is on the outside, a quite mean and cynical tough guy. But, is a loving family man. He is very organized and only reserves his opinions for some people. He makes some quite sadistic jokes and insults, but most of his colleagues are 'used to his mockery.' Suprisingly, he actually has a fear of blood. Which was more svere as a aspiring doctor.

He has problems showing or feeling emotion and is influenced more by logic, which has helped him in his profession to keep him calm in serious situations and become one of VineVille's best doctors. But it also makes him come off as impatient, rude, blunt, arrogant, and anti-social. Whom he views most as incompetent, though as time goes on he seems to accept their quirks to an extent. He can be at times very apprehensive.

Once his children was born, Martin became more of a family man and changed him and made him slightly more of a less selfish person. But is still known for his personality and his work inside of work. He shares his Dad's high concentration and calmness.


Martin is a middle aged man who constantly has a sour look on his face. He wears nothing but suits and is always carrying his doctor's bag everywhere he goes, even during his off time. As nothing is never 'always' safe as his motto states. He has short light grey hair.


Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!

In the first, game of the series, he will give Ella, or you the player, advice about gameplay and controls, just before Ella embarks on her first mission.

Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack

In the second game, he gives advice again and a piece of scrap metal, and a lucky coin. He seems more gloomy in the second game, to coincide with the feel of the game.

Ella-Metals 3

Martin appears in a yet to be unconfirmed mission in the third game involving his lost equiptment. And again later on with his father. Which revealed their relationship.


  • Martin was originially Ella's uncle, Donny's brother and with metallic powers, but was changed due to the unoriginalarity.
    • Despite this, he is still related to a metal user (his father).

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