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Marth, the warrior prince is an skillful swordsman which inflicts more damage if only the tip of the sword touches the opponent. He is a Weapon Master character and his main element is Iron. Marth has also a notable outfit: Lucina!

Special Moves

Standard Special: Shield Breaker. Marth charges a powerful attack with the sword and then releases. The attack can inflict from 8% to 24% of damage.

Side Special: Dancing Blades. Marth does a combo which has 18 different kinds of hits.

Up Special: Dolphin Slash. Marth jumps attacking with his blade, inflicting 16% of damage.

Down Special: Counter. Marth counterattacks a melee opponent's attack inflicting the damage of the move x 1.1.

Final Smash: Critical Hit. Marth slashes into the field inflicting 62% of damage. This move is an OHKO.

Special Ability: Falchion. Marth in his standard outfit (so not Lucina) inflicts higher damage when touches the enemies only with his sword's tip.

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