Marta Pencilla is Kaisser Cassia's maid in the Ella-Metals series.


Marta is a maid, fed up with her job. She was only doing because her mother told her to because of her poor no-nonsense attitude to work upbringing. She was brainwashed by Kaisser in a fed up and reflective mood, wondering on how much money she would earn.


Marta seems always gloomy. She always seems tired and doesn't do much as a maid, and her movements seem almost robotic, she hardly speaks and sighs frequently. She always tries to look to the future, and likes to think a lot and is a bit of a loner.


  • In the final battle, she fights in Kaisser's Army. She attacks with a broomstick. She is faster than Smithy Pearson, but deals lighter blows.
  • Unlike Smithy, she accepts Stella's commands.

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