Marshal stars
Marshal from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Full Name Marshal
Gender Male
Location Rhythm Heaven
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Cam (friend), Miss Ribbon (friend)
First Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever (2010)

Marshal (known as Matt in PAL regions) is a small white person from Rhythm Heaven, and one of the three recurring characters in Rhythm Heaven Fever (the other two are his friends Cam and Miss Ribbon). His role is to help the player throughout the game, and he, Cam and Miss Ribbon are the first three characters players will see in Rhythm Heaven Fever, when they give them a Rhythm Test. Marshal also appears in Rhythm Heaven Fever's version of Night Walk.

Marshal should not be confused with one of the three Chorus Kids, which resemblance is almost identical towards Marshal. He also shouldn't be confused with the Night Walker from the original Rhythm Tengoku.

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