What is the mark?

Mark of the Crescent Logo

Mark of the Crescent is a Dk64rules (tbc) story, published under NextGen Solo. It is third wholly original story published by NextGen Solo, after Voidverse and Forgotten Unity.

Mark of the Crescent was only announced once (with a trailer, shown below) and was never listed as an upcoming project of NextGen's. A preview chapter was shown on September 21th, 2012, with the official start of the series planned to occur on October 1st, 2012.


Prologue: Start Way Back

One: Modern Day

Artwork & Promotionals


  • During production, this was to be a part of a new series called Voidverse Future, taking place after the events of The Colin Four Saga. This is why the main character has the crescent symbol on his shirt, similar to Voidverse heroes' symbols.
  • NextGen Solo cancelled this project on September 28, 2012, in favor of Forgotten Unity 2. But things can change...

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