Mark Richards
Full Name Mark Thomas Richards
Current Age 18
Date of Birth September 21st
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Llainfair P.G., Wales
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Plenty of strength
Nationality 25px-Flag of UK-1-
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 6'9"
First Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Mark is a human from Wales. He is known for being rather strong.


Mark is a tall 18-year old male who has blue spiky hair, and has a blue beard as well, which is apparently his natural hair colour. He wears an Arizona Cardinals football jersey, blue jeans and orange trainers.


Mark is an ordinary guy in a far from ordinary world. He has a bit of strength in him, but he generally doesn't use it. Mark was born in Wales and was raised well. He took an interest in American football as a child and followed the NFL very actively. During high school he trained constantly, hoping to get into the NFL himself. Once he had finished high school and college, Mark took off to the United States. After having lived in the States for about 5 months, Mark was dragged into a fight between Amy Jackson and Mr. D'Angelo. Alongside Amy and a large group of other people, Mark managed to save the world but he was not ready for what was next - the Fantendoverse portal.


Mark is a bit of a never-back-down guy. He can do some things that can be considered a bit idiotic.


  • Mark was one of his creator's first characters.