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Current Age Late Teens
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Unknown
Align Neutral (formerly Evil)
Current Status Alive
Class Trainer
Main Weapon(s) Mega Glove
Element(s) Dark, Fire, Electric.

Mark was an antagonist (now solo character) in the Pokémon Adventures manga, at least for the bulk of the Prism arc.


Early Life

Mark grew up in a small town to the southeast of Fuschia City, with his Mother and Father; his life of happiness would stop there, however, as Team Rocket Grunts would later come to town and raid every property they found, killing whoever got in their way, which included Mark's poor parents.

After that, he became little more than a begging orphan, found in Celadon City; ignored by most people, he was later forced out by a band of people who got annoyed with his consistent cries for help; dejected and alone, he later met up with a small band of orphaned Pokemon that hid out in an abandoned daycare just north of Cycling Road: a Larvitar, Elekid, Magby, Onix and Duskull, who took in the young street kid and would later raise him as their own.

When Mark turned 15, he returned to Celadon with his fellow, now-matured Orphans (his Pokemon friends had fully evolved by then, thanks to item exposure), and subsequently sought out the people that drove him out, killing their families, destroying their homes and basically ruining their lives; this caught the attention of Celadon leader Erika, however, who begged him to stop the rampage and leave their families alone. Infuriated by her defense of people he considered unworthy of life, he wasted no time in leveling the city block surrounding them, then while Erika helped the survivors, he escaped.

Prism Arc
People are such hypocrites; they say they want to help those in need, but they're willing to shun a begging orphan without second thought; this world doesn't care. It puts on a grand display and eloquent speech about the importance of children, but it turned a blind eye to me without even thinking about what it said before. It doesn't care about me, does it? Let's see how much they care when I use Hoopa's true strength to destroy everything on this world's surface!
Mark, stating his desire for revenge on the entire world.

He is first seen in a unknown, dimly-lit room, interrogating a blindfolded, bound-up man about the legend of the Pokemon Hoopa; although the man tried to avoid the secret to Hoopa's true form, he was eventually pressured to tell Mark about the Prison Bottle, the container that holds the rest of Hoopa's power, but said that Hoopa's unbridled power could cause untold destruction, to which Mark simply said "Good. That's right up my alley." Having no further need for the man, Mark threw the poor soul into a slightly leaking boat and started the engine, to which it rocketed off into the sea, where the man presumably drowned.

Heading to the Pewter Museum, he snuck in after hours and infiltrated the back rooms, where he found an old map for the Sevii Islands, which disclosed the location of the Lost Cave, where the Prison Bottle was presumably kept deep within. He managed to head to the Sevii Islands, where he encountered Red, Gold and Green training with their Pokemon; he managed to escape their view and make his way to the Lost Cave, where he navigated the maze, found the Prison Bottle and defeated Agatha (despite her superior skill), who was hiding out there. However this caught the attention of the Pokedex holders who tried to stop him, but were no match for the orphan Pokemon, whose resolute spirits allowed them to use Hyper Beam without having to recharge; as a result the Pokedex holders were knocked out and Mark escaped.

Later showing up in Hoenn to track down the sudden appearance of Mirage Spots (which where often associated with golden hoops with strange vortexes inside them, making rare and mythical Pokemon appear), Mark started searching out one of them; leaping through one of the hoops, he met Hoopa and persuaded it to help him in his plot to tear the world apart with its hyperspace rings, convincing Hoopa that with every other living thing out of the picture, it could take all it wanted; when Hoopa agreed, Mark opened the Prison Bottle, turning Hoopa from its Confined form to its Unbound form, and causing it to instantly learn Hyperspace Fury.

Heading to Mount Moon, he stood ready to unleash Hoopa's power and destroy the world; when the Pokedex holders arrived, Electivire, Magmortar and Dusknoir held them off while the now-Mega-evolved Tyranitar guarded Mark from any harm. Using Hoopa's Hyperspace Holes in different positions over the world, Mark almost succeeded in destroying the world, but the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde showed up and managed to reason with him (thanks to its moderate telepathic abilities via the Cores) by showing him memories of his parents and giving him hope in humanity again; needing to think to himself for a while, Mark went off on his own with the rest of the oprhans, with Zygarde following him.

Viridian's Leader
Well, as it turns out, it was an easy change; all I had to do was trust Zygarde's judgement.
Mark, on explaining his transition from vengeful orphan to Viridian's Gym Leader

Now following Zygarde's telepathic guidance to help him decide to be a better person, Mark ended up exploring in Viridian Forest, where he encountered Viridian leader Giovanni, who took him in as an apprentice, and in a few months, trained him as the successor of his position of Viridian Gym Leader, which he accepted with somewhat reluctance.

(More Coming Soon)



Being the current leader of Viridian Gym in place of Giovanni, who went off for reasons unknown, Mark wields primarily Ground-types.

Pokémon Description

After calming down Mark's rampage during the Hoopa incident, Zygarde chose to stay with him so Mark would have something to be his guide.

Zygarde's known moves are Dragon Dance, Land's Wrath, Coil, Thousand Arrows (in its complete form), Thousand Waves (in its complete form), Extreme Speed, Glare, Dragon Tail and Hyper Beam.



Originally an Onix that hatched at the Orphanage alongside the other orphan Pokemon, Steelix was the protector among the group who guarded his fellow Orphans when trouble arose (usually in the form of a Flock of Spearows)

Steelix's known moves are Iron Tail, Curse, Stealth Rock, Dragon Breath, Explosion and Earthquake.



Golem was one of Brock's Pokemon before he and Mark traded.

Golem's known moves are Sucker Punch, Heavy Slam, Steamroller, Bulldoze, Rock Polish and Stone Edge.



It's currently unknown how Mark obtained Seismitoad.

Its known moves are Muddy Water, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap and Mud Bomb.



When Mark first met Marowak, it was just a Cubone living among the tombstones of Pokemon Tower; now fully grown, this one-time orphan is now a skilled hunter. Mark has trained it to the point to where it hits even Flying-types with its bone attacks.

Marowak's known moves are Bone Club, Bone Rush and Bonemerang.



While Giovanni was willing to take both Nidoqueen and Nidoking him on his journey, he had to leave one behind to make sure Mark had an experienced battler; as a result, he left Nidoking.

Nidoking's known moves are Earthquake, Toxic, Megahorn, and Iron Tail.

Given Away

Pokémon Description
Mega Tyranitar

Tyranitar was one of 5 Pokémon that Mark has known since his orphaning who have stuck together since they met at a now-abandoned daycare; now, to further accept his place as the new Viridian Gym leader, he gave Tyranitar to Brock as a way to integrate into the Kanto Gym League system.

Tyranitar's known moves are Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Ancient Power, Crunch, Roar, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace and Hyper Beam.


Alongside its friends Tyranitar, Magmortar, Steelix and Dusknoir, Electivire was one of the three orphan Pokémon who made friends with Mark when they were kids, but now resides with Lt. Surge as a part of the Vermillion Gym.

Electivire's known moves were Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Volt Switch, Ion Deluge, Light Screen, Reflect, Dual Chop, Electroweb, Focus Punch, Low Sweep, Barrier, Swift, Shock Wave and Hyper Beam.


Magmortar is one of 5 Pokémon who joined Mark's side when all of them had no-one else to turn to; Magmortar now helps Blaine as part of the Cinnabar Gym.

Magmortar's known moves were Lava Plume, Clear Smog, Solarbeam, Psychic, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Smokescreen, Mud-Slap, Overheat, Taunt and Hyper Beam.



Dusknoir was just a little Duskull when Mark and the orphans first met; often having a mischevious nature, it was the Prankster of the group, often using Will-O-Wisp to startle the others as a quick joke. However, when the Gengar that protected Pokemon Tower passed to the afterlife, Dusknoir stayed behind to take its place.

Dusknoir's known moves were Will-O-Wisp, Future Sight, Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Skill Swap, Pain Split, Gravity, Thief, Shadow Punch and Hyper Beam.


Pokémon Description
Hoopa Unbound


Hoopa was briefly controlled by Mark when he planned to tear the world apart with the Hyperspace Holes.

Hoopa's only known moves are Hyperspace Hole and Hyperspace Fury.


  • In Pokémon Prism Version, Mark was merely a type specialist of the Sevii Islands but in the Adventuress manga, he has a much more... well, proactive role.

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