Marissa is the former princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and cousin of  Princess Peach. Her mother is the queen of the Flower Kingdom

Princess Marissa
Full Name Marissa


Marissa was the former ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom before Peach. Marissa often ruled the kingom with grace and beauty and was described as the "perfect ruler". She came to live with Peach and her mother after Marissa's parents had died in the "Siege of the Mushroom Kingdom". Peach's parents had retired and gave the kingdom to Marissa when she turned 20. However a enemy of the Mushroom kingdom (possibly one of Bowser's ancestors) constantly came and kidnapped Marissa. But the villain was constantly stopped by Ignacio (Mario's older brother).

Phycial Appearance


Marissa's princess wear features a floor length turquoise gown in a similar style to Peach. However, instead of a collar, Marissa's gown has a veil that covers around her neck that is a deep teal.Marissa's gown features deep teal panniers and deep teal borders on the bottom of the dress. She also wears white gloves,  a golden flame shaped pendant and double-balled turquoise earrings. Underneath her dress Marissa wears teal high heels and a silver tiara

Marissa's normal includes a short dress and flats to match. With this she wears her hair in a ponytail and loses her crown

Facial Features

Marissa bears many facicial similarities to Peach. She is a very tall woman (slightly shorter than Rosalina, but taller than Peach). She has long flowing light brown hair that reaches her lower back and curls at the ends. Her hair also includes a parted bang in the front that frames Marissa's face. Marissa has blue eyes that is highlighted by her blue eye shadow. She also wears red lipstick. 


Marissa has some similar traits to Princess Peach. She is very compassionate and motherly, often having tea parties with Peach and Logica when they were younger. She is also extremely motherly, Peach stated that growing with Marissa pretty much meant she had a second mother her real mother passed away.


Ignacio- possible love interest

Princess Peach- cousin

Princess Logica-cousin

Mario- friend

Luigi- friend

Daisy- friend


Margaret bears extremely similer facial features with Peach. She has bleach blond hair that long ant tied in a ponytail. She wears a short ball gown that looks exactly like her mothers. She wears pink and red shoes and a pink bow


Miranda's appearance was based on Queen Harmony Toadstool's beta appearance who once wore a orange gown.