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Marioverse (Mario Universe) Battles is a battle show created by Paper Jorge, now I carry on the legacy of Marioverse Battles!


Every Week (month maybe :P) I'll pick two Marioverse characters to duel. Then the community votes on the victor. Either PM me on the mariowiki forums or contact me via personal chat or something.

Battle One

Bowser Jr. vs. Diddy Kong

"Welcome Everyone to the First Match of the Marioverse Battles" screamed Grubba.

In the seat next to Grubba sat Jolene, "Yes, everyone I hope you're ready for a smackdown as Diddy Kong prepares to duel Bowser Jr!"

The arena darkened, the spotlight shown to one side of the Arena, "Everyone welcome...Diddy Kong!" Shouted Jolene.

The spotlight turned to the otherside of the arena, as a bandanned figured walked forward. "Welcome, Bowser Jr.!" shouted Grubba.

The two combantants meet in the center of the arena. Diddy Kong Strecthed forth his hand out to shake Bowser Jr's. The Koopaling turned away and walked to the side of the Arena. Diddy followed suit to the opposite side of the Arena. DK walked up behind Diddy, "Come on Sport you can do this" he grinned and snorted twice.

On the opposite side of the Arena Bowser Jr. and Bowser spoke, "You can take this monkey boy, he doens't even where any pants!" Bowser sneered.

The two combantants readied themselves. Grubba walked in and shouted, "Everyone...preapre to BRAWL!"

Bowser Jr and Diddy leaped in the air....

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