Mariofan45's Halloween Adventure is a recent game in the Mariofan45 series. In this game, Mariofan45 takes on a journey with Bakachu and Juno to save Princess Kaklia, who has been kidnapped, once again, by Lucas Koopa. It's based on the upcoming Halloween 2011.


Princess Kaklia invites Mariofan45, Juno, and Bakachu to her Halloween party. However, the three arrive too late, and when they arrived at Princess Kaklia's kingdom, a bunch of bombs fell from the sky, and pumpkin airship arrived. It was the evil Lucas Koopa, who then destroyed a lot of house. Princess Kaklia was outside with the pumpkin pie she prepared, watching the explosions. Lucas Koopa grabbed Princess Kaklia, who then took the pumpkin pie with her. Mariofan45, Bakachu, and Juno go to rescue her as they use Juno's helicopter.

Confirmed Characters




  • Evil Pianta
  • Lucas Koopa
  • Mayor Welder Koopa
  • Mrs. Brecter Koopa



With consists of six worlds, Mariofan45 goes on a journey.

  • World 1: Creepy Houses
  • World 2: The Rainbow Coast
  • World 3: The Witch's Temple
  • World 4: Pumpkin World
  • World 5: Wizard's Haunted House
  • World 6: Lucas Koopa's Pumpkin Patch

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