Gameplay Mechanics

Like the original games, you must guide the Minis to their door. Sometimes Minis will be trapped in capsules, while other times a Mini Mario with a key will be present. Some new mechanics include:

  • Race: A multiplayer duel between you and either a CPU or a friend. You and your opponent will participate in different challenges, such as trying to complete a stage first. You will be a to select your Mini, along with the amount of Minis.
  • Ride to Ride: You can now ride a Yoshi (or another method) evading multiple possesed minis

Playable Characters

  • Mini Mario
  • Mini Luigi
  • Mini Toad
  • Mini Wario "New"
  • Mini Peach
  • Mini Yoshi "New"
  • Mini Donkey Kong
  • Mini Pauline "New"
  • Mini Bowser "New"' 


It takes place inmedatly after the ending of tipping stars, when suddlendy the monkey that possesed the mini marios clings in Donkey kong's head and possess the primate, then the possesesed DK steals Pauline and posses even more mini toys, this makes a total epidemy eventually getting into the koopa kingdom possesing bowser and kidnapping princess peach, later the new koopa toys were also possesed making a cathrastophe in the whole park.Nowis only up to  mario and his tactics to save the part.

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