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The fourth episode of the Mario vs. Sonic series.



Mario and Sonic landed. "Will you ever stop?" said Mario. "NEVER!!" said Sonic. "Be quiet, you little freak!" said Luigi. "I will never stop until YOU give up!" said Sonic. "I will never give up!!!!" said Mario. The Mario Bros. charged at Sonic but Sonic dodged. "That's it! I had enough!" said Luigi. A Roulette Block appears above Luigi. He quickly hits it, and a Star popped out of it. "I'M GRABBING THAT!" said Sonic. Luigi quickly collected the Star and turned invinsible. "Hmph! You brothers are no match for me!" said Sonic. "SAY GOODBYE!!!" He used his Chaos Control move. "Chaos Control!!!" screamed Sonic. Mario and Luigi lost their invinsibility form and got sent away. "Nooooooo!!!!" screamed Mario and Luigi. Too easy, Sonic thought. I think I sent them to their Mushy Kingdom, too. He turned into his regular form.

When Mario and Luigi were at the Mushroom Kingdom an hour later, they layed down for a while. A few minutes later, a Green Toad found them laying down. "Uh oh...something bad happened!" said the Toad. "PRINCESS!!!"

"Mario...Luigi...wake up," said Princess Peach a few hours later. Mario and Luigi opened their eyes. "Uhhhh..." moaned Mario and Luigi while they were opening their eyes. "Where are we?" said Mario. "You're in a hospital," said Peach. When Mario and Luigi opened their eyes completely, they saw Peach in her nurse costume. "Are you guys okay?" she said. "I guess..." said Luigi. "This battle against Sonic just gets harder. I wonder if we're gonna beat him up." "We should probably take a break between this fight," said Mario. "I'm kind of hungry." "Sure, Mario! Just wait for some food. You want spaghetti?" said Peach. "Spaghetti. We're Italian." said Mario. Peach took off her nurse outfit and went outside.

"So, Mario and Luigi got hurt by Sonic, eh? Well maybe I should put him on my side..." said an unknown voice.

To be continued...

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