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Mario vs. Sonic is a story about a long battle with Mario and Luigi fighting Sonic. This is episode 1, and Sonic didn't fight Mario yet.




One day in the summer, Sonic was running through the world until he arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom. Sonic said that he needed a rest so he was trying to find a place to rest until he found Mario. Mario was talking to Luigi about their next adventure. "Hey! Mario! You made me lose in the Olympic Games that you made me mad!!!" Sonic shouted. Mario wasn't listening. Then, Sonic was charging a spin dash so he could beat up Mario. Toads were outside while Sonic was doing the spin dash. "Do you hear something? It sounded like a crash!" one Toad said. "OH NO!! Bowser's trying to kidnap the princess again!!" said another Toad when he didn't know what was happening. Every Toad came outside and they heard what was happening. Even Princess Peach heard what was happening. Toadette and Toadsworth were beside her. She called all of the Toads to the castle and they had to discuss the blue thing. "Okay, so this weird blue circle thing is spinning, right?" said Peach. All the Toads nodded. "Oh I'm so scared of that blue circle! We should call Mario and Luigi!" said one Toad. "I agree with you," said Toadette. "If that blue circle attacked the Mushroom Kingdom, everything would get worse." "Everyone, let's all calm down." said Peach. "I agree with all of you. I'll call Mario and Luigi."

To be countinued...