ShadowDialga's Note

Well...this is my first fanfic...honestly, Im not sure what to do...guess I'll just do what I want...c'mon, gimmie some slack! Im not a super-mega-fanboy! I just want Mario to battle someone, and Goombior came to mind. So if you don't like it, boo-hoo. Just don't criticize me. I'm already considering deleteing!

Mario vs. Goombior

Chapter 1: Deserted

Mario's stomach gurgled. He hadn't eaten in days. He tried to swallow, but his throat was too parched. Was this the end? Game-Overing (or GIng) in the middle of the desert without even beating the 1st boss? How pathetic. He passed out.

Some toad miners were back from their shift at work. Though it may not look like it, the Taru desert had a vast connection of mining tunnels under it, and they were being mined for star pieces. We shall focus on 2 specific miners: Brett and Lee. "Man, I'm beat!" sighed Brett "I could sure use a shroomwich or two right about now!". "Agreed" Lee quietly muttered. "You heard anything weird today?" Brett wondered out loud. "No, not really..." "Oh, well, it's just that there have been rumors that there is something down there..." Brett pondered. Lee gave him a look approximately equal to one that your mom might give you if you tell her the Boogie man was in your closet. "You don't believe those rumors, do you?!" Lee asked. "No, no, it's just...". They walked back to town in silence. Suddenly, they saw a red-blue lump lying ahead of them. "What the heck is THAT?!" Brett yelled.

Chapter 2: Taru Town

"DANG this guy is heavy!!" Brett wheezed as he dragged the mysterious stranger into town.

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