Mario vs. Donkey Kong 4: The disappearance of the failed Mini is the 4th part of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. It will be relased on January 24 2012 in the United States, Canada en Latin America, January 30 2012 in Japan, Febuary 2 2012 in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Israel, June 4 2012 in Bangladesh and November 30 2012 in China and South Korea for the Nintendo 3DS. The modes are: the Story Mode, the Minigame Mode, the Construction Zone and Options.


Mario's Mini-Land is being demolished by Donkey Kong and Bowser. Luigi can all failed Minis repairing again. But if Mario has all the Minis, it appears that there is a missing. And Pauline and Peach are gone. Here are stuck behind Donkey Kong and Bowser.

Will Mario, the Minis and their friends succeed in the failed Mini and to rescue the kidnapped princess?



  • Mini-Mario
  • Mini-Luigi
  • Mini-Wario
  • Mini-Waluigi
  • Mini-Yoshi
  • Mini Donkey Kong
  • Mini-Peach
  • Mini-Daisy
  • Mini-Pauline
  • Mini Toadette
  • Mini Blue Toad
  • Mini Yellow Toad
  • Mini Red Toad
  • Mini-Bowser
  • Mini Bowser Jr.
  • Mini Diddy Kong
  • Mini Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Mini Larry Koopa
  • Mini Roy Koopa
  • Mini Lemmy Koopa
  • Mini Wendy Koopa
  • Mini Iggy Koopa
  • Mini Morton Jr. Koopa
  • Mini Ludwig Koopa
  • Mini Morton Sr. Koopa
  • Mini Pac-Man




Mini Bosses



In this game, there's a new gameplay:

  • A/B = jump
  • D-pad up = climbing up
  • D-pad down = climbing down
  • D-pad left = walking left
  • D-pad right = walking right
  • A and X = jump higher
  • Y/X = running

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