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Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3D is the fifth game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kongseries. It will be released for 3DS in early 2013. Players can create levels via the Construction Zone (and unlock things for it as they progress through the game) like previous games in the series. Levels can also be shared via online downloads, StreetPass and occasional SpotPass downloads from Nintendo.


The Mini Mario Theme Park is holding a challenge. The first person who can get 10.0 points (the maximum amount of points) on the Mallet Strength Game wins a year's worth of free Mini toys. Donkey Kong decides to try it, as he really wants the prize. Unfortunately, he gets 9.9 points, which makes him go on a rage and kidnap Pauline yet again. Mario and his minis chase after him.


Gameplay is the same as the previous games in the series. The player tries to guide their minis (which can be Mini Marioes, Mini Toads, Mini Peaches, Mini Donkey Kongs, Mini Paulines or Mini Luigis) to the goal. In later levels, there are seperate goals for different minis (red for Mini Mario, blue for Mini Toad, pink for Mini Peach, brown for Mini Donkey Kong, light green for Mini Pauline and dark green for Mini Luigi). The cards that spell "Mini Mario" (shaped like crowns in the Construction Zone), the 1-Up Coins and the Mini Guide also return.



Donkey Kong


Princess Peach (cameo in credits)

Luigi (cameo in credits)

Mini Mario

Mini Toad (unlocked after Donkey Kong is defeated in Floor 3+)

Mini Peach (unlocked after Donkey Kong is defeated in Floor 4+)

Mini Donkey Kong (unlocked after Donkey Kong is defeated in Floor 5+)

Mini Pauline (unlocked after Donkey Kong is defeated in Floor 6+)

Mini Luigi (unlocked after Donkey Kong is defeated in Floor 7+)

Gold Mini Mario (optional-bonus points if lead to the exit)

Key Mini Mario (required to get to the exit first in levels with locked exits)