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Mario the Yoshi, a fan fiction story based on Mario series which tells a story about what happens every night right after Mario got accidentally bit by his dinosaur steed Yoshi.

It is a reference to Werewolf, but it's not a horror fiction.


Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad


Chapter 1: Prologue/Yoshi Bite

The story began in the world called the Mushroom Kingdom, two plumbers, the kingdom’s hero duos, and brothers Mario and Luigi, were at Dinosaur Island to visit with Mario’s dinosaur steed Yoshi. As the two plumbers made it to Yoshi’s house just time, Mario knocked on a door before Yoshi answered. “Hi-ya, Mario! Hi-ya, Luigi!” said the happy green dinosaur with his high-pitch voice, “I’m so happy to be expected the company like you two. Would you two care come inside and hang out with me.” “No thanks, Yoshi,” Mario said with his Italian accent shaking his head, “But Luigi and I are having a surprise for you.” “Ooh, a surprise for me?” Yoshi said, “I love surprises from you, that make me so excited. But you know, it’s not my birthday.” “Of course not my green steed,” Mario said patted Yoshi on his head, “But the reason for this is because we always love you as our friend and as our sidekick to help us out by beating up those annoying Bowser’s minions around Mushroom Kingdom.” “Aw, thanks fellas,” Yoshi said proudly, “You do know it’s my best. So please tell me what’s a surprise you got for me?” “We will show you, Yoshi, if you close your eyes so you won’t peek until we get there.” Luigi replied. So Yoshi shut his eyes and the two plumbers took Yoshi outside to the forest for a surprise for Yoshi.

“So where’s my surprise?” Yoshi said, still has his eyes closed, as the three entered to the forest, “And how long have I to keep my eye closed? My eye lids are tiring.” “Be patient,” Mario said to Yoshi, “You’ll find out for sure once we’ll get there.” Then Yoshi began smell. “I smell something good and sweet,” he said as he whiffled. “Well, keep your eyes shut, Yoshi.” Luigi said, “Because we’re almost there.”

And then, the three friends came to a stop to the clearing. “Alrighty, Yoshi, my dinosaur friend,” Mario said, “You can now open your eyes now and look.” The green dinosaur opened his eyes and saw a whole mountain of fruits and sweets stacked up all together, in the area right in front of the three chaps. “Wow, boy, guys!” Yoshi gasped excitedly, “You shouldn’t have. That was thoughtful of you two gave me some yummy surprise treat like this. Thanks!” “It was nothing, my green pal,” Mario said, “How about I can throw those foods one by one so you can catch it with your tongue?” “Sounds like a fun game to me.” Yoshi said happily, “Let ‘em rip!”

So Mario grab a melon from the food stack and tossed it up to the air right before Yoshi use his chameleon-like tongue to grab a fruit to his mouth. “Atta-dino, Yoshi!” Mario cheered, “Now catch this!” Mario threw another food, an apple, up to the air and Yoshi snatched it with tongue to his mouth. Then Mario throws another one and another and another, from grapes, to a cookie, and to a peach, up in the air and Yoshi snatched all the foods one by one with his tongue to his mouth. “You got really good moves with your tongue, Yoshi.” Mario said. “You’re seem kindda pro. Now let’s see if you can catch this.” Mario grabbed a piece of honeycomb covered with a sticky golden honey.

“Okie-dokie, ready, Yoshi?” Mario shouted, “1, 2, catch!” as he threw a honeycomb up to the air, but he’s unaware that the gooey liquid of honey was glued onto Mario’s hand and carried a comb, which it got attached by a honey, up in the air (kindda like a string attach to a ball on a paddle ball). So as the result, Yoshi snatched a honeycomb away to his mouth while Mario went off for the ride. As a honeycomb did enter Yoshi’s mouth along with Mario, the green dinosaur accidently bit on Mario’s arm. “YEEEEOOOOOWWW-HOO-WOOOOH!” Mario cried in pain. Then Yoshi realized what was done and spitted Mario’s arm out. “Oh, my goodness! I’m sorry, Mario!” he said feeling shamed, “I didn’t mean to bite you!” Then Luigi rushed up to his older brother with his bitten arm. “Mario! Mario!” he cried, “What happen?! Are you okie-dokie?!” “I’m fine guys,” Mario said to his two friends, “Ooh! But I want to see a doctor due to my arm is hurting really bad after Yoshi bit me.” “But it was an accident, Mario!” Yoshi said. “We understand, Yoshi.” Mario said.

And so the three friends rushed off to the doctor’s to fix up Mario’s wounded arm.

To be continued...

Chapter 2: TBA

Coming Soon.

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