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== Mario The Hedgehog== Mario the Hedgehog is a game created by Nintendo and Sega. The game is a sequel to Mario and Sonic: London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Story Mode

If you click Story Mode then Mario will jump on the screen. Sonic will then run into Mario. The game cuts to Bowser who has a Death Ray that was originally made by Dr. Eggman but he found in the garbage. You can tell because on the end of it it says: EGGMAN INC. COLLISION LASER. Bowser didn't read this and thought it could destroy Mario. He aims it perfectly at Mario and realizes Eggman's enemy is there! He shoots Mario first, and Mario floats in a big blue bubble. Sonic notices Bowser and runs away. However, he manages to shoot Sonic. When this happens, the two bubbles collide and make Mario look like Sonic!

Luigi is in his mansion where a strange orange ghost comes flying to him. He runs out screaming, and then Tails jumps out laughing. Then Bowser, still thinking it is a death ray, shoots Luigi and Tails to make Luigi look like Tails!

Toadsworth gets shot in his little house screaming. Then Eggman goes to Bowser's castle and steals it. In his ship, he lays his arm against it and shot Knuckles, who collided with Toadsworth!

Cream and Cheese are skipping along and Dr. Eggman is annoyed by their singing. He mistakes the Collision Laser for his Mutinator and shoots her, seperating Cream from Cheese. Later, he hears the same singing and shoots again, colliding Cream and Daisy!

Playable/Unlockable Characters

  • Mario/Sonic
  • Luigi/Tails
  • Toadsworth/Knuckles
  • Cream/Daisy

Unlockable Characters

  • Peach/Amy
  • Metal Mario/Metal Sonic
  • Cheese/Blue Toad
  • Prof. E. Gadd/Dr.Ovi Kinitbor (From Sonic The Comic And Early Sonic Canon)
  • Queen Bee/Bee Sonic (NEW)
  • Super Sonic/Emerald Mario (NEW)
  • Dry Bowser/Eggmann Nega


Every 3 or 4 levels a Sign or Friend will appear. In Mario Worlds, the friend will be:

  • Yellow Toad
  • Yoshi
  • Boshi
  • Marko (Appears in Luigi's Mansion: The Metal King)
  • Clarko (Also in Luigi's Mansion: The Metal King)
  • Metal Yoshi (NEW)
  • Buzz The Bee (NEW

Sonic Freinds

  • Fireball The Hedgehog
  • Shadow
  • Classic Sonic
  • Silver The Hedgehog
  • Blaze The Cat
  • Metal Silver (NEW)
  • Dark Sonic
  • Rouge


  • "Don't stomp on THAT goomba!" Yellow Toad in Goomboss Battle.
  • "YUM! ME WANT MORE FRUIT!" Yoshi in Delfino Plaza.
  • "Ha ha, you lost!" Boshi when you lose against any Mario boss.
  • "Ooh, SCARY!" Marko in Luigi's Mansion.
  • "AHH! I mean, I'm n-no scaredy c-cat!" Clarko in Luigi's Mansion.
  • "I'd rather eat oil." Metal Yoshi in The Frozen Isle.
  • "Bzz, bzz bzz bzz!" Buzz the Bee in Honey Galaxy.
  • "Not hot enough." Fireball in Fiery Forests.
  • "I could pound you so easily, Eggman!" Shadow in The Nega Zone.
  • "..." Classic Sonic in Green Hill Zone.
  • "I will defeat you, Iblis Trigger!" Silver in Mistaken Land.
  • "Stop right there, Silver!" Blaze in Mistaken Land.
  • "Ha. Ha. Ha. Robot laugh." Metal Silver when you lose against any Sonic boss.
  • "Feel the wrath of... Oh wait, I was sent to help you." Dark Sonic in Emerald Kingdom.
  • Sign tips and more tips.

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