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Mario is Missing Again! is a game by Jet, Inc. and the sequel to Mario is Missing. It is for the NNES.


Luigi - Luigi is the main hero who must find Mario.

Yoshi - Yoshi assists Luigi in his quest and is ridable again. He is playable in Minigame Mode.

Green Yoshi: No abilities.
Yellow Yoshi: Can ground pound.
Blue Yoshi: Can fly.
Red Yoshi: Can breathe fire.

Toad - Toad assists Luigi as well. He gives hints and must also be rescued. He is also playable in Minigame Mode.

Red Toad: Sells items.
Yellow Toad: Must be rescued, and if he is, gives you special items.
Blue Toad: He gives hints.
Green Toad: He does all of the above.

Pauline - Pauline also assists. She is rescued from Cranky Kong and then gives you the Ape Banana, which helps you majorly. She is playable in Minigame Mode.

Mario - Mario is kidnapped. He must be rescued from Bowser. He is playable in Minigame Mode.

Town Person - They help you, but are also enemies. .

Bowser - Bowser kidnaps Mario and is the final boss.

Koopalings - The eight Koopalings, including BJ, are bosses in 8 of the worlds.

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