Mario in the Roman Empire is a strategy game for the Nintendo DS.


One day, Mario went to a museum exhibit on Ancient Rome as a volunteer with the Toad Town Elementary School. A Toad named Bill T. left the group. Mario started chasing him to bring him back to the group. Bill T. entered a janitor's closet and found a weird book called " Trivia's 1001 Spells " . The little Toad read a page and created a huge vortex. He got sucked by the vortex. Mario jumped in to catch him. At the other side of the vortex, Mario and Bill T. saw what looked alot like the exhibit. They went back in time and went to the Roman empire. In front of them stood a large man. The man said he was Jupiter , the king of gods. He placed the weird book in the museum to get help form a great hero and a strong boy to stop Saturn , Jupiter's father, from taking over Jupiter's place as mighty ruler of gods.


Main Characters

  • Mario - The main hero.
  • Bill T. - A strong Toad.
  • Jupiter - The king of the gods.
  • Saturn - Jupiter's father. Main villain.

Other Characters


This game has three main campaigns. Mario is the main character of the first campaign. Bill T. is the main character of the second one. In the third campaign, you play as both. Each campaign is made up of scenarios, or levels. To see the campaign scenarios and their descriptions/strategies click the title of this section.

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