Mario in Wizard Land is a game by Jet Inc.. It's for the WiiXtreme.


Elf Mario: Mario becomes short and wears elf-like clothes. He can build weird vehicles.

Dwarf Mario: Mario becomes short and wears dwarf clothes. He can pass through small holes.

Werewolf Mario: Mario looks like a red werewolf. He can pounce.

Knight Mario: Mario gets a sword and wears red armor. He can stab with his sword and guard himself with his shield.


Yoshicorn: Yoshi, who looks like a green Unicorn. He can charge and poke enemies with his horn.

Wizbirdo: Birdo, who looks like herself except wearing wizard clothes. She can shoot magic beams to kill enemies.

Drabowser: Bowser, who looks like Gloomtail except with a Koopa shell. He can breathe fire.

Peachasus: Peach, who looks like a pink Pegasus. She can fly.


All of the enemies are the same as in Super Mario Bros. except they wear wizard costumes.


Jet Inc. hasn't revealed it yet.

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