Bowser's Daughter

Sierra was originally going to be in the series, but was dumped out for unknown reasons. She is replaced by the Koopalings.

Chain Chomper Killa Man

A Chain Chomp named Chain Chomper Killa Man was going to be a minor character, however, but was abrupted when a cutscene showed him being exploded by Mario throwing Bob-ombs at him. When the bombs were about to blow up, the frame freezes just before the bombs touch Killa Man. Then the cutscene is replaced by a deleted scene, which shows Killa Man coming out of a pinball machine and meeting Giant Bowser.

The deleted scene is as follows:

Chain Chomper Killa Man: There it is, not moving! All I have to do is...wait, it's too easy. How could a pinball machine look like that? (meets Giant Bowser) Hey, what are you doing here? Is that all signs in that machine?

Giant Bowser: What did you say?

Chain Chomper Killa Man: IS that ALL SiGnS iN ThE FuTuRe???!!! No, I said that machine?

Giant Bowser: Must be all...the pressure.

Chain Chomper Killa Man: What did you say?

Giant Bowser: It must be...the PRESSURE.

(ground shakes)

Giant Bowser: I've gotta get outta here! (runs)

Chain Chomper Killa Man: Where is that plumber and my clarinet?

(The vaccum sucks up Mario and Killa Man, and then explodes into galaxies, where Killa Man chases Mario in galaxies)

Chain Chomper Killa Man: Almost...gotcha!

(The scene ends.)

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