Mario fighter vs Sonic combat
Developer(s) Sega, Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo (Japan, consoles), Capcom(arcade), Sega (USA, consoles)
Platform(s) Wii, DS, Triforce
Release Date(s)
September 4, 2010 -Japan
October 21, 2010- USA
Single player,
Age Rating(s)
T- ESRB(violence)
Genre(s) fighting
Media Included DVD-Wii
Mario fighter vs Sonic combat is 3D fighting game, created by Sega, Nintendo and Capcom for arcades, Wii and Nintendo DS in 2010


While this game was originally "Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat" port to Virtual console, but after MK franchise was sold to Warner Bros., making Capcom not to release this game for VC. That's why Capcom and Sega made Triforce arcade system Board and released this game for arcade, Wii and DS. Gameplay here is similar to "Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat", as 6-button fighting game. If original game was very violent, this game was censored- blood was replaced by coins (Mario characters) and rings (Sonic characters). Fatalities (here finishing moves) became less gory and bloody.


Mario characters

Image Name Arena Fighting style
100px Mario Grass lands Karate
100px Luigi Luigi's mansion Karate
Peach Tennis Outfit Princess Peach Peach's castle Kung Fu
Yoshi. Yoshi Yoshi's island Ninjutsu
BowserSMSS1 Bowser Bowser's castle Wrestling
200px-WarioMPDS Wario Wario's woods Wrestling
Waluigi Waluigi pinball Kung Fu

Sonic characters

Image Name Arena Fighting style

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