Mario and the Shadows of Mephisto is a game for the Nintendo Wii. It will release on May 13, 2011.


Chapter One

Mario could see Bowser's Castle from the spot, in which he stood. "I've got you now," he said. Mario kept walking. He was ready for the battle that awaited him in Bowser's Throne Room. All of a sudden, lightning struck, and it began to rain. Mario quickly ran across the drawbridge, and into the depths of Bowser's Castle. "Show yourself, Bowser!" yelled Mario. His voice echoed throughout the castle. That's funny. Nothing was here. There was no enemies. No Goombas, no Hammer Bros., no Podoboos, nothing. Nothing at all. Mario couldn't even hear a trace of Bowser's horrid roar. When Mario reached the throne room, there was nobody there. "What's going on here?" said Mario. "I killed Bowser," said an eerie voice. "What?" said Mario. Bowser was dead? No he wasn't! It couldn't. Every time bowser fell into the molten lava, he always survived! How could this person, or whatever he was, just kill Bowser? It didn't make any sense to Mario. "I am Mephisto," said the voice. "I raided Bowser's Castle, stole the princess, who kicked and screamed for me to let her go-" "Princess Peach?" asked Mario. "Yes. Now let me finish-" Mephisto began. "No, I won't let you finish," said Mario as he flung a fire ball at the wall. "I'm behind you," said Mephisto. "What!?" said Mario as he turned to see a.......well Mario couldn't really descride what is was. It seemed to be a living shadow. All of a sudden, Mario was unconscious.

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