Mario and the Koopas
TV Series TftMK
Episode Number 1
Preceding Episode N/A
Following Episode Emergence of the Goombas

Mario and the Koopas is the first episode of the first season of Tales from the Mushroom Kingdom. It is the first appearance of Mario, Luigi, Peach, the Koopas, and Bowser.


Mario is a man who dresses in plumber's attire to fit with the common appearance of pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom. He and his brother Luigi have just befriended the Princess Peach of this strange land, when suddenly something starts attacking the castle.

Mario soon learns that a turtle-like creature called a Koopa has been attacking the population of the kingdom. Mario, Luigi, and Peach battle off the koopas that are attacking and inform the Chancellor of Mushroom Kingdom (who makes a minor cameo here and in other episodes) that they will go and stop Bowser. They then leave the castle.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach attempt to enter a Warp Pipe leading to where Chancellor thinks the Koopas are coming from. However, they do not suspect that one of the koopas has messed with the technology of the Warp Pipe to make it teleport people randomly. As such, Mario gets teleported to a dungeon ran by koopas, Luigi gets teleported to somewhere in the clouds, and Peach gets teleported to an unknown location.

Mario uses a Fire Flower, a rare mutated flower giving people mysterious superhuman fire powers temporarily and defeats the Koopa guards and escapes. He then uses Bowser's teleportation machinery to bring Luigi down from the sky. He cannot locate the Princess, however.

Mario and Luigi follow the paths in the castle to the throne room where they gasp in astonishment. A huge Koopa with a spiky shell, red hair and a large mouth that can breathe fire is sitting on the throne and he has the princess in a cage. The huge Koopa says his name is Bowser, who is a monstrosity and the former last of his kind, and his Koopas are creatures cloned from his DNA. However the Toads and Humans view the Koopas as monsters and/or animals, so Bowser decided to take over the kingdom so his race can be the dominant species and not be judged. To do this he is going to attempt to hold the princess hostage.

Mario and Luigi mostly defeat Bowser but Bowser has his own Warp Pipe, which he uses to escape, although the Princess gets set free. Mario is ready to deal with Bowser again when he next attacks.