Mario and the Chipmunks is a vinyl album made by DIC records inc. and released in October 4 1991. It includes original songs writen by, at the time, song writer for the Super Mario World TV shows, Mark Mothersbaugh. Despite the use of the popular Mario and Alvin And The Chipmunks characters, the album only got 1100 titles sold.


The album includes vocals by Mario (Walker Boone) and the chipmunks themselves, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, although the chipmunks never used their name anywhere on the songs and cover. the reason why is unknown, although it was presumably to avoid infringements to owner Ross Bagdasarian Jr (Despite allowing the rights for them to make said allbum). The album also includes voice cameos by Luigi (Tony Rosato) and King Bowser Koopa (Harvey Atkin). more soon.

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