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Mario and Wario team is a Noob Industries game for the Nintendo DS. This is one of the few games where Bowser is not featured, as well as one of the rare Wario-Mario team-ups.


Mario and Wario a team? They have to save Peach, Waluigi , Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Daisy and Peach's new best friend Erin. Mario and Wario must team up to fight Kamek to save the prisoners.


Good guys

Mario- The main character of this game. He seems overconfident about this battle, since Bowser is not involved. He very much dislikes Wario's abuse.

Wario- The other main character of this game. His reasons for trying to save the prisoners (besides Waluigi) are unknown. Despite working together, he still makes it evident (during cutscenes) that he hates Mario.









Kamek- The main villain of this game. With Bowser on vacation, he has taken it upon himself to kidnap all the good guys once and for all. However, in the interests of being a good sportsman, he allows Mario and Wario freedom to challenge him and his evil scheme.

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