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List of all DLC's in Mario and Sonic Strikers, the DLC's were released and avaliable in December.


Downloadable Mario Characters

Downloadable Sonic Characters



1-up Cup

Field Name Capacity Field Type
Subcon 27,000 Grass
Delfino Plaza 24,000 Concrete/Grass
Luigi's Mansion 21,000 Concrete/Wood
Moo Moo Meadows 23,000 Grass

Enchidna Cup

Field Name Capacity Field Type
Vector's Lagoon 29,000 Mud
Zero Gravity Zone 32,000 Metal
Metropolis City 41,000 Concrete/Metal/Grass
Silver's Plantation 45,000 Grass

Fan Cup

Field Name Capacity Field Type
Middletown 38,000 Grass/Concrete
Peaceful Plains 39,000 Grass
Pushopolis 40,000 Grass
Sunspringe Town 42,000 Grass/Concrete

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