This game will be realeased sometime in April 2012. Hammers R Us Inc. (with permission and co-operation of Nintendo and Sega) had the idea from Bingo Highway from Sonic Heroes. There are a variety of modes including classic pinball, battle pinball, team pinball and more! Even though this is called Mario and Sonic Pinball there are three SEGA characters which are Amigo, AiAi and NiGHTS.


Here are the confirmed modes (not including story)

Classic Pinball

Choose any character and play classic pinball on a course.

Battle Pinball

Choose a 2, 4, 8 or 16 characters and face off on a course, each player has a health bar, you must attack them to lower there health bar, if they fall out or run out of health they are out.

Team Pinball

Choose a team of 3 and play classic pinball.

Battle Team Pinball

same as Batlle Pinball but with teams

Pinball Race/Team Pinball Race

1/3 on 1/3 race as pinball on a course (special tilt control for 3DS)