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Hammer Brother
Three years ago two heroes met each other and decided to join forces to stop enemies from taking over the world. Everyone knows when two heroes from different video games meet... They're enemies usually meet too

Six years after the heroes met, Bowser found Dr. Eggman and invited him to his castle. The two villians talked about they're history.

Bowser: "I don't know what's wrong with me. I always kidnap Peach, you ever kidnap someone?"

Eggman: "Once I kidnapped Amy, but kidnapping is getting a little old now."

Bowser: "Eggbrain, I'm not giving up. We have to find the chaos emeralds and use them to create the world that we always wanted."

Bowser turned on a microphone and shouted in it.

Bowser: "Hammer Squad, I need you to find Mario and Sonic, and destroy them."

Hammer Squad: "Sir we will meet your demands and try our best to destroy the heroes. but, can we do it on Monday, it's Mole Whaking Night."

Bowser: "Alright attack them on Monday. Egghead using your knowledge we'll need your knowledge to build an Emerald Locator and a Hero Tracker."

Eggman: "I like the way you think Bowser. It's Eggman by the way, but this sounds like a great idea I'll start Saturday."

Dr. Eggman walked through the halls of the castle and found a Red Shelled Koopa sweeping.

Koopa: "Master Eggman, would you like to leave the castle?"

Eggman: "No, I need you what's your name?"

Koopa: "It's Volc."

Eggman: "Okay Volc, I need you to do something for me. How would you like to make some new friends?"

Monday 12:33 PM

Mario: "Alrighty Sonic, today is the day you get to meet Princess Peach. Remember to have good manners."

Sonic: "Of course, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog everyone knows I have great manners."

Mario and Sonic walked towards the pipe that lead to Toad Town and entered Peach's Castle.

Bowser: "It's time Hammer Squad, the two annoying heroes are at the castle. I need you to take her as well."

Hammer Bro.: "Yes sir, gang let's make our move."

Princess Peach: "Hello Mario and Sonic, the Toads found something yesterday and we want you to have it."

Toad: "We're only familiar with stars but nothing like this."

Princess Peach pulled out a yellow gem that glowed brighter than any star.

Sonic: "That's a Chaos Emerald!"

Mario: "What is a Chaos Emerald?"

Sonic: "Don't you play any of my games?"

Mario: "No, their to fast for me, I like to slow down and smell the flowers once and a while."

Sonic: "Nice Mario, don't tell anyone that."

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