Mario and Marth is a game by Red Inc. and C.I.A. Station, Inc. It is a crossover between the Mario series and the Fire Emblem series.


At the beach, Mario and Luigi are relaxing. The waves are peaceful, and they are the only ones there. Soon, they hear a scream. It came from Princess Daisy. Mario and Luigi run off to see Daisy trapped in Bowser's Dungeon. Scorpions are crawling up to her, and one stings her. Daisy falls down, put to sleep by the poison. Mario waits there for a day, and she doesn't wake up. He decides to sneak in to the castle with Luigi. After battering away Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Crabs, they discover that Daisy is dead. Luigi vows to get revenge for this crime. He runs off to find Bowser. Mario goes to see if Peach is okay. Peach is recovering in a hospital after getting bitten by a tarantula. The doctors say that she will survive, but needs a month to recover.

Marth, Roy and Ike are having a duel of the ages to see who is best. Meanwhile, Princess Elincia is taking a walk. When a beast emerges from the ground and eats her, there's nobody to call, as the three swordsmen are busy fighting. Ike wins, and they all walk back to the castle. Roy notices Elincia's footsteps, and then a pile of dirt mixed with blood. There is an earthquake, and all three are sucked in by a black hole to another dimension.

Luigi is fighting Bowser and finally wins out of rage. Bowser laughs and pushes a button. The entire Kingdom goes into outer space. Luigi continues fighting Bowser when a black hole opens. He, Bowser, and Mario go to the same dimension that Marth, Roy and Ike went to. After meeting and dueling, Mario and Marth tell their sides of the story. The parallel dimension seems to be a mixture of Altea and the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Marth, along with Roy, Ike, Luigi, and strangely Bowser, set out to discover the mystery of the dimension and get back home.





Mario series

Fire Emblem Series

Red Inc. Award

This game has been given the Best Red Inc. Game of the Month Award from RedYoshi!

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