Mario & Luigi Time-Dimensional Jam (Known as Mario & Luigi RPG 6 in Japan, Mario & Luigi: Partners in 8 Bit,

Mario & Luigi- Jam

Paper, and Time in Europe) or simply known as Mario & Luigi Jam is the 6th Mario & Luigi Game and the first Mario & Luigi game for the Wii U. It involves with the classic: Peach being kidnapped by Bowser, however 4 Bowsers (Bowser, Paper Bowser, 8 Bit Bowser and Baby Bowser) joining forces, kidnapping 4 Peaches and it is up for Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, 8 bit Mario and 8 Bit Luigi to work together to svae her, although Fawful reappears as the true Final Boss and Main Antagonist, Wario, Waluigi and their counterparts decide to join the fun.


Overall, the plot until Fawful shows up is the same as Super Mario Bros and 2D Mario titles. However, 8 Bit Mario, 8 Bit Luigi, Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi appears as well. Mario and Luigi is the main duo, being with Starlow, as well as their counterparts (although they don't have Starlow or any assistants). They met when Peach's castle is terrorize by Team Wario (Wario and Waluigi already met their counterparts). The heroes continue on, however, they fought bosses they fought in the past Mario & Luigi games and Paper Mario Games, as well meeting metallic versions of Super Paper Mario's bosses and and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door's Bosses. They also fought against Popple. In the end, they fought Negative Fawful.

Game play

Overall, the Game play is the sames as the previous Mario & Luigi Games, however Marios control A while Luigis control B. X is for seperating the Marios and Y is for switching either position. In battle, the Marios go first and the Luigis go second.


  • Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Paper Mario smiled when they aw Mario and Luigi, however, they remembered meeting them considering they worked together.
  • While in the cover, 8 Bit Mario and 8 Bit Luigi's artwork is base of Mario Bros, however in Game play,
    Mario & Luigi- Jam (1)
    they have Super Mario Bros.
  • 8 Bit Wario and 8 Bit Waluigi are Black and White, however it is a reference to Super Mario Land 2.
  • This is the first Mario & Luigi Game for home console.
  • Negative Fawful is actual a dark Negative recoloring of Fawful.


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