These are beta elements for Mario and Luigi: The Seven Black Diamonds.

Characters, bosses, and enemies

Originally, Dimentio was supposed to appear in the game. It is possible Dimentio was replaced by Ztarlow.

Dino Piranha and Fiery Dino Piranha were going to be bosses, but they were scraped out for unknown reasons.

Cosmic Clones were going to appear in the game as well. They would use the same attacks Mario or Luigi used on them, making them tough enemies. However, they were removed from the game.


There were going to be Cloud Flowers, which would be used in battle. Mario or Luigi would become Cloud Mario or Cloud Luigi and create three clouds above the enemy, then ground pound on the enemy. This was removed.

There were also supposed to be items that would summon other characters to help you battle (er go, a Birdo Egg would summon Birdo, a Cosmic Flute would summon the Cosmic Witch, and a Yoshi Egg would summon a Yoshi). These were scraped out for unknown reasons.

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