Mario and Luigi Space Travel
Box art by KoopaKid128
Developer(s) 03 Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Fantendo3ds
Release Date(s)
July 26th, 2013
Age Rating(s)
E10Rating 12Rating CERO B
Predecessor None
Successor Mario and Luigi: Distorted Dimensions

Mario and Luigi: Space Travel is an RPG featuring Mario and Luigi. It was created by 03 Games and part of the 03 Crossover series.

On the day the game was released, it was announced the second game in the series would be titled Mario and Luigi: Distorted Dimensions featuring Black Mage as the main villain.


  • Chapter 1: Mario and Luigi in Space
  • Chapter 2: Seeing Stars
  • Chapter 3: Crash Landing
  • Chapter 4: The Pikmin Planet
  • Chapter 5: The Secret Weapon
  • Chapter 6: Dark and Destroyed 
  • Chapter 7: Bowser Jr. Battle
  • Chapter 8: Bowser's Flying Fortress
  • Chapter 9: The Shooting Star 
  • Chapter 10: The Rescue


Chapter 1: Mario and Luigi in Space

  • Cutscene*

Bowser is sitting in his throne in his castle. A Koopa runs up to him and says "sir, you're spaceship is ready!"

Bowser laughs evilly and says "good!"

"Ready to launch your castle sir?" asks the Koopa.

"Yes!" laughs Bowser, evilly.

Now the screen shows Bowser's Castle. It lifts into the air and flies into space.

It cuts to Mario and Luigi in Peach's Castle.

Peach walks up to them. "The party is about to start," she says.

Suddenly a fist punches the wall down. Bowser bursts in. But he doesn't look right. He is glowing bright blue. His eyes are glowing yellow and stars are floating around in his transparent body.

"Bowser!" exclaims Mario.

"I am Star Bowser!" laughs Bowser. His voice sounds distorted. He grabs Peach and jumps out the wall. The Mario Bros. look out.

"Bowser's Castle is a space ship?" asks Mario.

A Toad runs in. "You need to collect three rockets to turn this castle into a space ship too!"

  • End of cutscene*

The gameplay begins. You are Mario and Luigi is following you around. You are in the destroyed room of Peach's Castle.

Walk down the staircase and you will see Koopas patrolling. Run into them to start a battle.

  • Battle*

"Ha!" says a Koopa. "I bet you can't win because you don't know that you can select jump, press A to land on me, and then press A again to hope for a double jump!"

"Well, they know now!" yells a Koopa.

The battle begins. One Koopa has 10 HP and the other has 15 HP. 25 health total, you soon beat them.

  • End of battle*
  • Cutscene*

All the guard Koopas fall to the ground. Mario and Luigi grab their hammers, and a red rocket.

  • End of cutscene*

Head downstairs again. You will find some enemies. Take one step up, one step right, one step left, one step left, one step right, one step up, and one step left. You will have escaped all the enemies and left the room. If you want to level up, fight all the enemies.

Now you will see a red rocket. Press B to pick it up. Open the menu with the N button. It will give you your progress on collecting rockets.

Head back to the destroyed room and you will find the Toad is gone. Go upstairs and exit the door.

You can now tell it's a sunny afternoon. Walk across the bridge and enter a tower. Inside is the last rocket, go pick it up.

  • Cutscene*

A Koopa with a jetpack and laser gun jumps down. "Gimme that!" yells the Koopa. He grabs the rocket. "You ain't going anywhere!"

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss battle*

The boss should be battled when Mario and Luigi are at least level two. Hammer doesn't hurt him, so always use jump.

His attacks are shooting a laser out of his eye, shooting a laser out of his fist, and shooting multiple lasers using his laser gun.

All of his attacks can be blocked using a hammer and hit back at him. He has 300 HP; all you have to do is beat him.

  • End of battle*

The Koopa isn't there anymore. Pick up the rocket and open the menu. You have all three red rockets. Close it and head back to the destroyed room, talk to the Toad.

  • Cutscene*

"Here," says Mario. He hands the Toad all three red rockets.

"Good work!" says Toad.

The camera now shows Peach's Castle from a faraway view. It floats into the air, and then a rocket pops out. It flies into space.

  • End of cutscene*

Chapter 2: Seeing Stars

  • Cutscene*

Peach's Castle is now in space. Mario and Luigi run out to the balcony.

"It is space!" exclaims Luigi.

Suddenly, the spaceship stops.

"Uh-oh!" says Mario.

A spaceship that looks like a Goomba is in front of them. There is a giant canon on the top. A robotic Goomba steps onto the balcony. He laughs evilly.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Ship Battle*

The two ships are facing each other. Toad's face appears.

"Let me help you!" he says. "To win a ship battle just press the A button as fast as you can to charge up and then shoot. Your enemy charges up fast, so move quickly!"

His face vanishes. The enemy has 500 HP, and now all there is to do is winning.

  • End of ship battle*
  • Cutscene*

The ship breaks and catches on fire as crashing. The camera zooms to a close-up of Mario's face. "Ouch," he says.

  • End of cutscene*

Start exploring the spaceship, talk to the Toad. He'll give you a stone and says "collect four of these to learn a new attack!"

Walk onto the balcony. A rope lassos you and pulls you away.

  • Cutscene*

"Ah!" screams Mario and Luigi.

They are pulled onto a purple ship that looks like a castle.

  • End of cutscene*

The gameplay starts back up in a dark room made of gold.

There are some enemies. It's recommended that you level up. After leveling up and collecting the one box in the room, head upstairs. There is a giant button.

  • Cutscene*

"It's a big red button!" says Mario.

"Don't touch it!" says Luigi.

"Don't be an idiot Luigi, only a real fool would put a dangerous button out in the open!" laughs Mario. He hammers the button.

"Self-destruct activated," says a robotic voice.

"I told you!" yells Luigi.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini-Boss Battle*

The Big Red Button is the first mini-boss. It has 280 HP. It's recommended to beat the boss with hammer.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

The Big Red Button explodes.

"Next time you should listen to me Mario!" says Luigi.

"Sorry," says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*

Exit the room using the door on the left. You will find yourself on a bridge between two towers, head to the other tower.

There you will find some enemies. Beat them all and head upstairs.

Upstairs is a stone. Pick it up and open the menu. Tap the Special Moves section. You have a new one called: Luigi Hit. Select it and it will give you a tutorial.

  • Tutorial*

In the tutorial you are fighting a Goomba. Select the special attack. Mario pulls his hammer out and Luigi jumps. Press A, then press B, then press B and A at the same time. Luigi hits the Goomba.

  • End of Tutorial*

Now walk upstairs again. Wario and Waluigi are there.

  • Cutscene*

Waluigi leaps towards Luigi. Luigi hammers him and Waluigi flies into space and falls. Wario laughs and vanishes.

I giant Wario robot appears. Wario is controlling it.

"Ha-ha-ha!" laughs Wario. Its arms turn into laser canons.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Wario's robot can shoot lasers out of his canon, take all your money, or preform a move where he shoots lasers at you and you have to hammer them back (but don't hammer back the food he sends at you). It has 540 HP.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"No!" screams Wario. His robot explodes and Wario lands on the floor. He pulls out a giant machine gun and shoots. Mario and Luigi are hit by a meteorite and it blasts them out of Wario's ship. They land back on Peach's Castle.

"Good work, now to defeat Wario and Waluigi!" says Toad.

"Waluigi died when he fell out of the spaceship," comments Luigi.

Toad presses a button. A laser hit's Wario's ship and it explodes.

"Well, we've taken care of them," says Toad.

Suddenly, the spaceship starts crashing.

"We're landing on that snow planet!" says Toad.

  • End of Cutscene*
  • End of Chapter*

Chapter 3: Crash Landing

  • Cutscene*

Peach's Castle nears the snowy planet.

Everybody is screaming. The castle is about to catch on fire. Suddenly, it lands in the snow. Everybody runs out of it.

  • End of cutscene*

The snowy planet is huge run around and beat enemies are the best tips. Find four stones to learn the Flame Jump special. Open the menu and take the tutorial.

  • Tutorial*

You are fighting a Goomba. Select Flame Jump. Mario jumps on the Goomba and then Luigi.

"Press A-B-A-B-B!" says Luigi. Luigi gives you instructions on what buttons to press as the battle continues.

The more you press the buttons the faster the Bros. jump and the more their feet spark. Soon, their boots catch on fire and they land on the Goomba. It dies and the tutorial is over.

  • End of tutorial*

Head back to Peach's castle and talk to Toad.

  • Cutscene*

I hear Bowser Junior is coming!" cries Toad.

"Oh no!" says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*

Leave the castle and head to the tower at the end of the planet. Climb to the roof and beat enemies along the way.

  • Cutscene*

"There's nothing on the roof!" says Luigi.

"And to think this place overlooks the entire planet!" yells Mario.

The Bros. turn around and see Bowser Junior riding a canon. It's floating in thin air. "Prepare to die!" yells Bowser Junior

  • End of Cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Bowser Junior charges up his first three turns so those are your chance to use a special and get some damage done.

Then he shoots a giant blast that gets your health down to one. Use a healing item and fully restore your health. Bowser Junior's canon has 950 HP, so all you have to do is win.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

Bowser Junior realizes his canon has stopped shooting.

"Bye boys!" laughs Bowser Junior

He flies away into space.

The Mario Brothers sigh and head over to Peach's Castle.

Inside, Toad is about ready to take them off the snowy planet.

"The castle's all fixed up to get back in the sky!" says Toad.

It flies off of the planet and begins hovering. Suddenly, it stops falling above another planet.

"I forgot to fix one tiny thing," admits Toad.

The spaceship crashes on the grassy planet and smashes into hundreds of pieces.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of Chapter*

Chapter 4: The Pikmin Planet

  • Cutscene*

"What have I done?" cried Toad.

"You've broken our only hope of rescuing Peach into_" begins Mario.

"A million pieces!" finishes Luigi.

"Come with us to find a new spaceship Toad!" says Mario.

"Sure," says Toad.

  • End of cutscene*

The chapter's gameplay starts. You are being Toad and Mario and Luigi are following you. All the enemies are Pikmin enemies.

After finding all fifteen boxes in the planet, open up the menu. You have a new special attack but you need to beat the boss to use it.

Head back to the ruins of Peach's Castle. A Koopa is there and he looks extra-evil. Talk to him.

  • Mini-Boss Battle*

The Bad Ol' Big Koopa has 385 HP. He can use whip attacks. All you have to do is win; there aren't any tips to win.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*

Head to the very end of the planet, there you will find the S.S. Dolphin.

  • Cutscene*

"We shouldn't take it, it belong to somebody," says Toad.

  • End of cutscene*

Head back to the ruins of Peach's Castle. Something new is there!

  • Cutscene*

Everybody comes back to where the ship was.

Captain Olimar is watching as hundreds of Pikmin carry the pieces around.

"Hey!" yells Mario.

  • End of Cutscene*
  • Mini Boss Battle*

The mini-bosses are five Pikmin (a blue one, a red one, a yellow one, a purple one, and a Rock Pikmin).

They don't all have the same amount of health, but all together the army has 1,215 HP.

All you have to do is beat the Pikmin.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*

Olimar and the Pikmin flee.

Open the menu and you can now use the new special attack.

  • Tutorial*

The enemy is a Goomba. Select Pikmin Walk and press the B button as fast as you can to throw Pikmin. The more you throw, the heavier the weight of the entire group becomes. It only takes one Pikmin to lift a Goomba and punch him.

This special doesn't always work however, if there aren't enough Pikmin to lift the opponent, they will be crushed.

  • End of Tutorial*

There is still much to do on the planet. Head back to the S.S Dolphin and enter it. Hundreds of Pikmin are lurking around, but you fight them in groups on ten.

After finding your way through the Pikmin maze, head upstairs and you will find Captain Olimar and an armored Yellow Pikmin.

  • Cutscene*

"You can't kill me!" yells Olimar.

"It's so on!" yells the armored Pikmin.

  • End of Cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Both Olimar and the Guard Pikmin have 1,610 HP. Olimar sends armies of Pikmin at you (does a ton of damage) and Guard Pikmin uses moves with his fists.

Beat them and then a cutscene starts.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"Hey!" says Toad, "wanna help us save a princess?"

"Sure!" says Olimar.

All the Pikmin seem to chant.

  • End of cutscene*

Talk to Olimar when you're ready to set off into space again, but to fight the almost impossible to beat optional boss that can only be beat using the Pikmin special move, head downstairs; a buff Purple Pikmin is there. Talk to him and the battle starts.

  • Optional boss*

The Purple Pikmin has 2500 HP. The only way to win is to use the Pikmin special attack and be very good at it.

  • End of Optional boss*

Walk back upstairs and talk to Olimar.

  • Cutscene*

The S.S Dolphin blasts off the planet.

"Wahoo!" cheers the crowd of tiny Pikmin.

  • End of Cutscene*
  • End of Chapter*

Chapter 5: The Secret Weapon

  • Cutscene*

The S.S Dolphin is floating through space.

"It's been days!" complains Mario.

Suddenly, behind them a pirate spaceship appears. It shoots the S.S Dolphin.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad all hop in escape pods.

"Go, we'll be okay!" says Olimar.

"Not without you!" says Mario.

Olimar presses the "Launch Escape Pods" button.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Peach Play*

The gameplay begins of this chapter. You are Princess Peach and you're locked up in a terrible cell.

Walk up to the bed.

  • Cutscene*

"Ugh..." says Peach as she kicks the bed.

Suddenly, the bed flies aside to reveal a secret passageway.

"Bowser is so stupid!" laughs Peach. "He even left the stupid passageway easy to find!"

She crawls far in it. A Koopa comes in and closes up the passageway. He chuckles.

  • End of cutscene*

Walk down the passageway for a little bit and then you'll end up in a room where two Koopas are drinking coffee. Beat them in a battle and then press B to pick up the keys they drop. Then press B in front of them.

  • Cutscene*

"Hmm..." Peach says.

It cuts to a Koopa bringing Peach back into her cell.

"I'm glad I used a knocked out Koopa to get me back in here," says Peach. "I took his paper and pencil too."

Peach takes the key out of her pocket and unlocks her cell.

  • End of cutscene*

Walk down the hallways for a little while until you come to a door guarded by a Goomba. Beat him and then pick up the key he drops. Unlock and door and enter.

  • Cutscene*

Peach enters and hides. Bowser is sitting on his throne.

"Sir!" says the Koopa in front of Bowser.

"Yes?" asks Star Bowser.

"Your secret weapon is ready!" says the Koopa.

"Well then, find Mario's ship and shoot it down!" says Bowser.

Suddenly, Waluigi comes in.

"Those stupid Mario Bros. could have killed me!" yells Waluigi, "and my brother got blown up."

"Who cares?" asks Bowser. "I've always came back and I got blown up once."

"Same with Wario, but we're in space now, he's gone man," says Waluigi, "and you will be too, this time all the bad guys will be gone!"

"You're the one that's gonna be gone!" laughs Bowser.

"I don't get it, "says Waluigi.

Bowser spits fire out of his mouth. So much that Peach can't even see. Then the fire is gone, and so is Waluigi.

Peach runs up to Bowser and says "I challenge you!"

Bowser simply laughs, but then Peach takes a step back. A candle lands of Bowser's head. "You'll have to deal with my minion!"

  • Mini Boss Battle*

Peach vs. Megaman. Peach can hardly do any damage at level one, so the boss only has 100 HP.

Megaman can do everything he can do in the Megaman games. All you do is beat him.

  • End of Mini Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"Oh c'mon Star Bowser, he's a weak! Give me a real person," says Peach.

"You want a real fight, I'll give you a real fight!" laughs Bowser, "come Kirby!"

A tiny pink puffball walks right in front of Peach.

"It's cute," says Peach.

Kirby bites her leg and Peach screams.

"Mini Boss Battle*

Kirby can use his power ups as attacks and he has 150 HP. He's quite easy to beat.

  • End of Mini Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"You underestimate me Star Bowser," says Peach, "give me something that can beat me!"

"My secret weapon should do the trick," smiles Bowser.

  • Boss Battle*

This battle is programmed not to be won. You can't do any damage and on the third turn the canon shoots a giant laser that defeats you.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

Peach falls to the ground in pain.

"Time to sleep!" laughs Bowser.

Everything goes black.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of Chapter*

Chapter 6: Dark and Destroyed

  • Cutscene*

"Where are we now Toad?" demands Mario. The escape pods have landed on a watery blue planet.

"I don't know!" says Toad.

"Is that Peach's Castle?" asks Mario.

  • End of cutscene*

Head over to the landed Peach's Castle Spaceship. Explore for a little while, the enemies are all blue.

On the first floor there are two stones, go up a floor and get another two stones, and last go to the top floor and grab two stones. Head across the bridge between towers and go downstairs. Grab the two stones hidden around.

Open the menu and you're special move is locked until you beat the boss.

Leave the castle.

  • Cutscene*

Far away,

Star Bowser is on his throne. A screen pops out of the ground. A shadowy star sitting on a throne is there. The star is so shadowy, it's pure black.

"I'm working on destroying Mario, now tell me, what can these powers you offered do to me?" demands Star Bowser.

"Well Bowser, you always come back no matter how many times you die," begins the star shape, "with these powers you won't be as... lucky."

"Huh?" bellows Bowser.

"Look wimp, you should be glad you're still alive, I won't remove those powers!" bellows the star, "just kill Mario, and make it painful!"

"He shall be burnt to dust..." laughs Bowser.

"Slowly," chuckles the star shape.

  • End of cutscene*

Back to Mario now, walk along the planet a little further until you come to a blue castle. There is a knight, talk to him.

  • Cutscene*

"Who are you?" asks Luigi.

"The name is Pesh!" laughs the knight.

"We need to get in!" says Mario.

Pesh points a sword at the bros.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini-Boss Battle*

Pesh has 1,445 HP. He attacks with his sword. Although Pesh is from another Fantendo game, he isn't based on himself in that game.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*

Pesh is gone so going inside is fine. Head up the stairs until you reach a throne room. A character that looks like a blue teddy bear with a crown is on the throne.

  • Cutscene*

"I am King Unten!" bellows the bear. He jumps off the throne and grows into a giant. His arms fly off and dissolve. Laser guns appear in their place.

Mario and Luigi are looking at him, shocked.

  • Boss Battle*

Unten his 2,041 HP and his crown has 100 HP. His crown shoots golden boomerangs at you and he shoots lasers out of his guns and eyes.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"No!" screams the bear. He looks up at the sky and puts his arms in the air. He suddenly turns transparent blue and his eyes are glowing yellow. Stars start flying through his body. His arms fly off and dissolve. His legs fly off and dissolve. His head flies off and dissolves. His body turns into Star Bowser.

"Bowser!" exclaims Mario.

"That's Star Bowser to you!" says Bowser.

He flies away.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*
  • Tutorial*

The new special move is called Fantendo Madness. Just press the A button, then B, then L, and then R to send Fantendo characters at the enemy or enemies.

  • End of tutorial*

Chapter 7: Bowser Junior Battle

  • Cutscene*

Bowser Junior is bowing down in front of his father. They are in the throne room. Star Bowser presses a button and grabs his son's head.

"I'm giving you my powers," says Bowser.

Bowser Junior suddenly turns transparent blue. Starts start floating around in his body and his eyes glow yellows.

He laughs in a distorted voice.

Meanwhile, Peach's Castle is flying through space.

"Back on the good old ship," says Toad.

Suddenly, a ship that is modeled after Bowser Junior's head appears.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Ship Battle*

The S.S Junior is not an easy enemy. It has 1000 HP and shoots fireballs out of its "mouth".

All you have to do is beat it.

  • End of ship battle*
  • Cutscene*

The ship catches on fire. Bowser Junior takes an escape pod out.

"Ha, all the crew will die!" chuckles the Star Bowser Junior.

The escape pod turns into a giant Koopa Shell spaceship. A canon pops out of the top.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Ship battle*

The Koopa Canon has 1500 HP. It takes a little while to beat, but it's not too hard, it only shoots weak lasers.

  • End of ship battle*
  • Cutscene*

The Koopa Canon explodes.

"Bowser Junior's dead!" cheers Mario. He and Luigi go downstairs. Bowser Junior is there with laser guns as hands!

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Bowser Junior has 1248 HP. His lasers shoot three at a time and do a lot of damage. Due to healing, Junior takes a very long time to beat.

Fifteen minutes at the least, and hour and a half at the most to beat him.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Bowser Junior sighs and his star powers vanish from him.

"I will come back!" yells Junior as he jumps off of the ship.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 8: Bowser's Flying Fortress

  • Cutscene*

Peach's Castle is flying towards Bowser's fortress.

"Here we are," says Mario, "Bowser's Flying Fortress!"

  • End of cutscene*

The gameplay begins. Explore the deck and beat enemies. Grab a key that you can find and enter a room.

You are in the inside. The place is covered in death-traps and crawling with enemies.

Get through the hallway and enter the library. Head to a shelf and hit it with the hammer. Head to the other shelf and hit it.

  • Cutscene*

The shelves sink into the ground and a door rises up in the center of where they used to be.

  • End of cutscene*

Walk into the door and you end up in a room made of dark stone. There is lava all around you, more like a place Bowser would like.

Continue up the path and you will see Megaman-Kirby.

  • Mini-Boss Battle*

Megaman-Kirby has 1,500 HP. He has Megaman's attacks and he looks like Kirby with a Megaman helmet. He is hard to defeat seeing how this is near the end of the game.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*

Continue up the path and walk up the spiral staircase. You will end up in Star Bowser's true throne room.

  • Cutscene*

"It's over Bowser!" yells Mario.

"It's Star Bowser!" bellows Star Bowser.

"It's over Star Bowser!" yells Luigi.

"You challenge me?" laughs Star Bowser.

  • End of cutscene*

Walk out up the stairs again, Bowser won't challenge you. You will enter a maze to get the golden hammer.

  • Maze*

Maze room 1:

Go up, go left, go left, go up, go up, go right, go right, go right, go down, go left, go left, go up, go right, go up, and you will have reached room two.

Maze room 2:

Go up, go up, go up, go left, go left, go left, go up, go up, go up, go right, go right, go right, go up, go up, go up, and you will have reached room three.

Maze final room:

Go up, go up, go left, go left, go up, go up, go right, go right, go up, go left, go left, go up, go right, go right, go right, go down, go down, go left, go left, go left, go up, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, and you will have reached the hammer.

  • End of maze*

Go back to the throne-room and talk to Star Bowser for the battle to begin!

  • Boss Battle*

Star Bowser is considered the hardest boss in the entire game. He has 1,050 HP so beat him. Then he opens his mouth and sucks you in.

There is a giant black star in him and it glows red every second. It has 1,259 HP. Do as much damage as you can do with Luigi and Mario, and then get almost killed by the Star Heart's attack.

Star Bowser will then spit you out with now 1,000 HP. Heal right away and then beat him. He'll suck you back in and you must repeat the process of fighting the Star Heart.

After a long time, the Star Heart will have been defeated and you are spit out.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"What's happening?" asks Luigi.

"I don't know, but it is scary!" says Mario.

They look at Star Bowser whose eyes are shut. He looks at the sky and starts spitting out fireballs. At the end, he spits out the Star Heart and it explodes. Bowser is now his normal form. He coughs and he starts to vanish from top to bottom.

The Mario Bros. look around and find Bowser's Flying Fortress is exploding!

Peach falls to the ground.

"Guys, quick, follow me!" she says.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 9: The Shooting Star

  • Cutscene*

"Peach, you aren't helpless!" gasps Mario as he struggles to keep up with the princess and Luigi.

Peach jumps a flame that Mario steps on and burns his foot. Luigi puts it out.

"Just c'mon, we're gonna die if we don't get off of this ship!" says Peach.

  • End of cutscene*

Run along and be careful not to be hit by the explosions. The walkthrough can't explain, but it takes a long time to get to the point where a cutscene begins.

  • Cutscene*

Bowser Junior flies in using a shooting star machine. A claw-hand appears, grabs Peach, and then puts her in the ship.

"Sorry boys!" laughs Junior. He tosses Peach onto another planet.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Bowser Junior's Shooting Star has 1,200 HP and the canon shoots stars. It's a hard boss, but not as hard as Star Bowser.

  • End of Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"No!" screams Bowser Junior. His ship crashes far away from the bros., and then there is an explosion there.

"Could he have lived through that?" asks Luigi.

"Impossible!" says Mario.

The two run to Peach's Castle. It flies off the ship just as the entire thing explodes.

"Toad, to that planet!" says Mario.

Peach's Castle flies towards the planet Peach was tossed on. It's a dark planet with a giant castle on it.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 10: The Rescue

  • Cutscene*

Toad lands Peach's Castle on the planet.

"I assume that castle is where to go!" says Toad.

  • End of cutscene*

Run inside the castle that covers most of the planet. Go up the spiral staircase (takes a long time).

  • Cutscene*

Mario and Luigi enter the throne room and see the shadowy star sitting on a throne.

"Y'know, Star Bowser, Megaman, and Kirby served me," laughs the star.

Megaman and Kirby jump into view.

Suddenly, off the throne steps Starfy.

"Starfy, Megaman and Kirby!" gasps Mario.

"But you guys are the good guys and you did all this?" asks Luigi.

"Good guys!" spits Starfy. "We have all got sick of being the good guys! Boys, kill them!"

Megaman and Kirby pull out machine guns and point them at Mario and Luigi.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Final Boss battle*

Starfy has 1,000 HP, Megaman has 400 HP, and Kirby has 600 HP. They are all super hard to beat, but not as hard as Star Bowser.

Megaman and Kirby shoot out of their machine guns and Starfy shoots insane attacks at you.

  • End of final boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Starfy, Megaman, and Kirby are all on the floor.

"We'll never give up!" says Starfy. "I was always a hero Mario, I heard you aren't as good as me, but let's put you to the test!"

Starfy presses a button. "You have one minute until this planet explodes! Will you save Peach and your brother and kill all of you or will you save just two and leave the princess to die? Good luck Mario, and goodbye!"

Starfy, Megaman, and Kirby vanish.

  • End of cutscene*

"Make your way through the planet and head to the tower. Climb to the very top and find Peach.

  • Cutscene*

"Toad took off without us!" yells Luigi, looking out the window. "We're done for!"

Explosions start across the planet. Mario, Luigi, and Peach jump out the window.

"If we die, let's do it together!" says Mario.

The three close their eyes, this is it.

Suddenly, they open them. They're in the S.S Dolphin.

"Olimar, we thought you were dead!" yells Luigi.

"I'm hurt," says Olimar.

"Thank you Olimar," says Mario.

Olimar nods and flies off the planet.

"No, I mean it, thank you," says Mario.

- One Month Later -

Mario, Luigi, and Peach are looking at the sky on the hill. It's a beautiful night. They see the S.S Dolphin fly by.

"That was some adventure," says Luigi, "Mario and Luigi: Space Travel!"


  • End of cutscene*
  • End of game*

Post-game events

True Head of Stone

Head into Peach's Castle and head to the new floor. It's a lab and there's a time machine inside.

  • Cutscene*

"What an odd machine," says Mario.

"Let's go fifty years into the future!" says Luigi. He presses a button and the next thing the Bros. know they're in front of a ruin made of dark stone and crawling moss.

It's early in the morning and the sky seems to tell the Mario Bros. something bad happened.

An old woman, unmistakably Peach, walked over to the Bros. and hugs them.

"We lived in peace, you two died heroes, you see, we were nuked by the True Head, it's nothing but a statue now," says Peach, "I call it the True Head of Stone."

Mario and Luigi look behind themselves and see a towering head of a sinister looking man. He has long dark hair and a beard. He has glasses and a look of evil in his eyes.

Mario hits the statue with his hammer.

"You know what?" asks the True Head of Stone. "You're going down!"

  • Optional boss battle*

The True Head of Stone has 3500 HP. He's stronger than Star Bowser. He shoots giant fireballs and gets tiny eyes and shoots lasers at you. He clones himself, jumps off the planet, and then has both clones land on you. He can also spit on you.

  • End of Optional Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"No!" cries the True Head of Stone. It explodes and the ruins look duller than ever.

"What an unpleasant future," says Luigi.

  • End of cutscene*

Second Battle with Pesh

Walk into Peach's Castle and head to the garden. Hammer the mystical fountain.

  • Cutscene*

"What's going on?" asks Mario. Water is coming out of the fountain in the shape of arms. It grabs the Mario Bros. and stuffs them in.

They open their eyes in a strange glowing garden area. Pesh is in front of them.

"Ready for a rematch?" asks Pesh.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Optional Boss Battle*

Pesh has 1,500 HP. He attacks with his two swords. Pesh is difficult to beat.

  • End of optional boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

The world starts to collapse. The Mario Bros. and Pesh run to the fountain. Mario and Luigi get atop it and Pesh jumps for it as the ground behind him collapses. He is hanging on with one hand.

"Now's our chance to get out of here!" says Mario. Luigi climbs down the fountain and Mario yells "what are you doing?"

Luigi pulls Pesh up just as he is about to slip. Then Pesh and the Bros. jump in the water and find themselves back in Peach's garden.

  • End of cutscene*

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