Mario and Luigi: Solar Fate
Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
August 26, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Mario and Luigi
Predecessor Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Media Included 3DS Game Card
Mario and Luigi: Solar Fate, known as Mario and Luigi RPG: Lunar Mania in Japan, is the 6th game of the 2.5D RPG Mario sub-series, Mario and Luigi. It will be released worldwide on August 26, 2015. It was rated E. It brings back gameplay from the previous games, as well as a huge plot and many sidequests. It revolves around Mario and Luigi on a new quest to stop the Mushroom World from being stuck in an eternal lunar eclipse. They must also avoid Bowser and his minions, as well as the Lord of Darkness, Apex. The main companion of this game is a small creature made from moon rocks, Torra.

Attack Pieces also return. The main setting of the game is in the Solar Kingdom, the dwelling place of the Solaveria, a sun worshipping society. It is the fourth game developed by MysterE Games, and the first in the Mario and Luigi series not to be developed by Alpha Dream. The two playable characters are Mario and Luigi.


Intro: The Lunar Legend

The story begins with a small festival being held at the entrance to Peach's Castle. Many toads and beanish, even a few Koopas, are there. A huge banner says Welcome to the Lunar Festival!! Princess Peach comes out in a special gown, and wonders where her guests of honor are. Then, Mario and luigi show up! Luigi trips and falls on his face... Mario apologizes for being late. He asks what the festival is for again. The princess then explains that every million years or so, a great combination of both a lunar and solar eclipse causes the entire planet to open up for exactly 36 hours!! It then causes heat from the center of the planet to be revealed, and thus, the lost Solar Kingdom comes from behind the sun! The solar energy then causes every one to become much more powerful. Mario and Luigi then sit down to watch. Then, Bowser's airships appear!! Bowser jumps from the command ship, He says he plans to use the Solar Energy to become the supreme overlord of the entire Mushroom Kingdom! Mario and Luigi plan to stand in his way, of course. Then, the tutorial battle begins. Toadsworth will explain the basics of battle. Bowser will be defeated after 3 turns.

Once Bowser is beaten, he wants the entire Mushroom Castle oblitirated, so he orders a huge airship to come in, and out of the bottom comes a huge cannon!! It then destroys the castle! Everyone finds the castle in ruins, and Mario grows angry. Luigi grows afraid. Mario prepares to attack, but then, a mysterious dark fire emerges from the flames. Purple eyes open, and a head and body form from the flames. It turns into a spikey behemoth-like monster with a mouth full of serrated teeth. It smiles evilly, and screams! Everyone is afraid, including Bowser. It says that it is Apex, the all-knowing Lord of Darkness! Naturally, Mario wishes to stand against this Dark Lord. But this dark lord blasts Mario with dark magic.

In all of the chaos, everyone forgets that the super eclipse has began. A huge energy surge comes from the alignment, and it causes the planet to open up! Apex then laughs evilly... and jumps in... Everyone is very confused. Apex jumps out, and seems angry. He says that the planet lacks its former power. He wonders what he's to do, when, he realizes the crowd. He then says he will eat them all! Mario wishes to defend against evil to the end, while Luigi wishes to hide in the back of the crowd. Then, a huge blast of energy comes from Mario's wrist. It stuns Apex. Nobody knows what the heck just happened. Then, a pile of rocks creeps from the shadows, and forms a small creature. Apex says he thought he already wiped him out. He goes to Mario and explains that he is Torra, the last of the moon men, and that Mario has just harvested the power of the sun!

Part 1: Secrets of the Solar Kingdom

Part 2: Evil in the Sewers

Part 3: Colecting the Solunar Shard

Part 4: A Lunar Finale



Main Characters

Major Protagonists

Name Description
335px-Mario - Mario & Luigi Dream TeamMario The braver of the brothers is here! After the defeat of Bowser and Antasma, he took a lay back, but when the big bad koopa returns and Apex the dark lord is unleashed, Mario, along with Luigi and his new friend, Torra, he plans to bring peace back to the world!
Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream TeamLuigi Though being a little less heroic than his brother, Luigi is no pushover! He thought that the terrifying moments of saving the world were over, but when Apex was unleashed, Luigi joins with his brother to bring back the peace!

Major Antagonists

Name Description
Apex What appears to be the main villain. The self-proclaimed all-knowing Dark Lord was imprisoned under Peaches Castle for starting up the war of the Moon and the Sun. He is merciless, and has no compassion for life. He wishes to use the Solar Energy and corrupt it with his own dark powers to, in turn, extinguish the Mushroom Galaxy's sun, thus destroying the entire galaxy! He is much more cruel than previous villains, and destroys anything in his path. He has a past with Torra...
Bowser - Mario and Luigi Dream TeamBowser The vile Koopa King is back! After his defeat in dream team, he rested, slowly refueling his resources until...WHAM! He mounted an assault on Peaches Castle, and destroyed it. This caused Apex to be unleashed, triggering the game's events. He is a major antagonists of the game, as he is always trying to harness the solar energy for his own nefarious purposes. His role becomes much more major when he swallows a certain powerful solar object...

Supporting Characters

Minor Protagonists

Name Description
Torra This little moon-rock man was once part of the civilization of the moon. But, with the war of the sun and moon, he's the only one left. He is Mario and Luigi's main companion of the game, and is extremely predigest against the sun people. He has a particularly strong hatred for Apex.
Princess Peach Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream TeamPrincess Peach This princess has NOT been kidnapped by Bowser, but rather: became an important ally to the duo in their quest. After the destruction of her castle, she went to the Solar Kingdom while her castle is repaired.
Toadsworth Princess Peach's longtime caretaker is (for once) not having a heart attack! He is still pulling all of his hair out, though, over the new danger, and the fact that his beloved world may be dark...forever.
Kylie Koopa This reporter has also come to the Solar Kingdom! She wants to get the greatest scoop of the millennia by reporting on Mario and Luigi's progress. She also gives the bros. a sidequest by asking them to take photos of the nine artifacts of the sun.

Minor Antagonists

Name Description
Dream team goombaPrivate Goomp Private Goomp is never far from Bowsers side! This depressing goomba is not the smartest of his kind, but...well, that's it. With his blue pajamas in foot, and a goomba militia at his call, this guy is more menacing than ever!
Dream Team ParaplonkCorporal Paraplonk This paratroopa is part of the Elite Trio. He is also one on Bowser's elite guard. Seemingly the leader of the trio, as well as the smartest, he (along with the other two) dreams of one day bossing around Kamek and Bowser!
Sergeant GuySergeant Guy This shy guy appears to be a weapons expert, as he is always carrying a silver cannon and a magikoopa wand with him. He shows to be ready for every situation. The shy guy sergeant will not be stopped!
Kamek The long-time caretaker of Bowser has returned! He won't be dressing as Peach this time (thank goodness). This time, he'll be helping Bowser take the solar energy and become overlord of the entire world!


The gameplay is like that of previous games. The game is an RPG like other installments, and thus, the battle system returns. There is also a huge overworld. Mario and Luigi jump using the A and B buttons, also like previous games.

The gimmick of the game is Energy. Mario harnesses Solar energy, while Luigi harnesses Lunar energy. If one presses X, and changes the function of the A and B buttons, one can use Energy. Energy is when in the light of the corresponding object, sun or moon, the player becomes powered with energy, becoming more powerful, and can release blasts of Energy, destroying certain blockades or cracked walls in the process. Energy also plays a role in battle. The moon rock man, Torra, fills the same role of Starlow and Stuffwell from previous games, with the player pressing the START button and going to a menu where one can access items and view Mario and Luigi's stats. Something new to the game is that you also can see how much energy you have. If you run out of Energy, then you must go to a Solunar Station, where a kind sun person will gladly refill your Energy levels for a price.

The battle system also returns, with the battle icons returning as well. The icons are the jump button, symbolized by a boot, the Hammer icon, symbolized by a hammer, the special attack icon, symbolized by an Attack Piece, the item icon, symbolized by a Fire Flower, and a new icon, the Energy icon. The Energy icon is symbolized by a moon or sun, and its battle function is that one of the bros must press the corresponding button, and releases a huge Energy attack. Energy does not take up BP, but lowers the bros defense momentarily, allowing them to be venerable to enemy attack. Giant battles return, with the one fighting them being a super powered Torra, one fist harnessing Solar energy, the other Lunar energy. One must use the corresponding button to use these fists. Bros. Attacks return as well, with Torra using the bros to power up his attacks.


Key Items





  • This is the first game of the series not to be developed by Alpha Dream
  • This game makes several references to previous installments of the series.
  • This is the first game of the series where the final boss is not (directley) Bowser, or a combination of the main antagonist and he.


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